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September 14, 2018

How to Take Black and White Photos on HONOR Phones

In daily life, taking photos with smartphone has become the most common thing to do. You probably have hundreds of colorful and vivid pictures stored in your phone’s image album.

However, there are still some moments, when you are inspired by the works of some great masters of black and white photography, and you probably also want to try doing some black and white photos yourself. If you don’t know how to take black and white pictures with your phone and where to start, then follow the tips in this article will help you to get into the world of B&W photography using your smartphone.

In this guide, we will take the latest HONOR smartphone – HONOR 10 as the example to show you how to use monochrome mode to capture the word in B&W.

honor 10’s AI camera

Open Camera > More > Monochrome

In this Monochrome mode, you can simply touch Camera button to take photos in black and white. Monochrome mode lets you filter out color to capture rich photos with finer, more striking details.

take black and white photo with HONOR 10

Gallery > Wide Aperture Mode

Want to edit a picture you just took to make it even better? You can use the Gallery's editing features to crop, rotate, and apply a variety of effects (such as graffiti, personalized watermarks, and filters to your photos to make them more striking, Touch Wide Aperture button at the top of screen to use Wide Aperture Mode to highlight your shooting subjects, simply drag the slider bar to the left or right to adjust the aperture level. The smaller the aperture value, the more blurred the background will appear.

Use Monochrome to achieve the following results for your photos:

  • Intricate contrast between light and shadows for distinct layering: Monochrome helps you focus more on the change in light, giving you control over the display of light and shadows, including the direction and strength of light.
  • A strong sense of history: Black and white photos seem to belong to the past and are unaffected by changes in time or location, giving your photos a classic and timeless touch.
  • Subtle imagery that evokes nostalgia: Monochrome provides an expression of sentiment, especially when it comes to portraits. It strengthens the impact of facial details and gives your subject a sense of mystery and melancholy.