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September 12, 2018

How to Take a Brighter Selfie in Dim Light and Backlight

You may come across such scene: You are chatting with friends on Facebook, Snapchat and suddenly want to show the latest selfies online, then you hold your smartphone and enable the camera, but find you are in a dim light. If your mobile phone do not support front camera or the camera is not good enough, you certainly cannot post a beauty picture online. If you are using HONOR 10, things will be different, because there is a beauty in it.

HONOR 10 has 24MP+16MP new dual camera with artificial intelligence. Its AI function can recognize multiple objects in one image, provide 500+ scenarios of 22 categories and many other more. It not only supports portrait mode, but also enables to capture the dynamic object so that you can record your most splendid moments in life. Its front camera gives more detailed facial optimization by detecting over hundred facial points to pixel level accuracy. T-zone, cheekbones will be highlighted and the enhanced shadow on the cheeks and nose will be seen. You look more beautiful in your smartphone camera. What’s more, it allows you to get a brighter picture even in dim light. How to do that? Just enable the following Lighting.

1. 3D Portrait lighting

This feature can make a brighter picture from more dimensions by creating studio-quality lighting effects. You can see clearly the differences between these modes by looking at the following illustration:

how to take a brighter selfie

2. 4 in 1 light fusion effect

This magic feature will brighten your face wherever you are. Below is the facial lighting compensation by AI when in dim light and backlight. As you can see, the phone detects the face area and applies more light to make a perfect selfie.

how to take a brighter selfie in dim light and backlight how to take a brighter selfie in dim light and backlight

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