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September 26, 2018

How to Organize Photo Albums

You may have more than 1000 photos or videos in your smartphone HONOR 10. There are selfies, pictures about family members, colleagues, and friends, even about some beautiful scenes. It is enjoyable. Whenever you want to see, you can open them to see the past happy moments.

But have you ever come across such a situation: your old father chatted with you online and wanted to see your son’s latest photos? He told you he missed his grandson very much, and you also like to share a great photos with him. However, you cannot find the one you like best. This one? No. That one? No. Even ten minutes goes by and you still did not find your need photos. Where is the photo my good boy smiled happily with his football? It takes too much of your time. In fact, you only need to use the HONOR photo Album features to organize your photos. Then next time, you can find your wanted photos in second. Isn’t it great? Now, the following tips will show you how to organize photo albums in your HONOR 10.

organize photos

1. Add photos or videos to a new album: From the Albums tab, touchhow to organize photo albums, enter an album name, then touch OK. Select the photos or videos you want to add to the new album, then add them to the new album.

2. Transfer photos and videos: You can move photos and videos from different albums to the same album for easy management and browsing. Enter the album that you want to transfer from, touch and hold a photo or video until the icon how to organize photo albumsappears, then select the photos or videos you want to transfer. Touchhow to organize photo albumsand select the designated album. Once the transfer is completed, the transferred file will be removed from their original location.

3. Add photos and videos to Favorites: If you want to store some of your favorite photos or videos separately, you can add them to Favorites for easy management and viewing. To add a photo or video to Favorites, open the photo or video, then touchhow to organize photo albums. The photos and videos you add will still remain in their original locations and will only appear as duplicates in the My favorites album, along with a how to organize photo albumssymbol.

4. Sort albums: Adjust the orders of your most frequently-used albums to find and browse through them easier. Touch and hold an album until the symbol how to organize photo albumsappears on all the albums, then touch and hold how to organize photo albumsand drag the albums to their appropriate positions. Once complete, touchhow to organize photo albumsto exit.

Tips: Albums such as Camera, All videos, My favorites, and Screenshots cannot be adjusted.

5. Hide albums: Hide your albums to keep privacy. You can keep the albums hidden. From the Albums tab, go to how to organize photo albums> Hide albums, then toggle on the switch of the albums you want to hide.

Tips: Albums such as Camera, All videos, My favorites, and Screenshots cannot be hidden.

Have you got the idea to organize your photos? Go and organize your photos in your HONOR 10. You will find your HONOR 10 more easy-to-use than ever before.