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September 7, 2020

HONOR Watch ES and HONOR Watch GS Pro unboxing and first impressions

HONOR Watch ES and HONOR Watch GS Pro unboxing and first impressions

HONOR's announcement of the new HONOR Watch GS Pro and HONOR Watch ES was timed perfectly. The two new watches target quite different markets, but they're both interesting in their own right.

The HONOR Watch GS Pro is the more expensive and capable of the two, costing €249.90. It has a rugged design meant for outdoors exploration, and a bunch of features and sensors to go with it. Thanks to GPS and a barometer, the HONOR Watch GS Pro can track sports like hiking and, for the first time, skiing. It also has a "route back" feature, so when you're exploring a new trail or mountain for the first time, you can record your trip from your starting point, and then the watch will guide you back to it when you reach your destination.

It has a round display, which some might prefer, and it also has some internal storage, meaning you can transfer some songs to the watch and listen independently from your phone. Out of the box, the watch has about 2GB of storage available, and HONOR says that should be enough for about 500 songs.

The HONOR Watch ES is much more affordable, costing just €99.90, but it makes a few sacrifices. It can track 95 types of workouts, but it skips out on things like hiking and skiing. It also doesn't have the route back feature or internal storage for music, though you can use it to control music playback from your phone. It also has a much more compact and less rugged design, making it more suitable for day-to-day life.

Otherwise, both watches are very similar in terms of the software experience, though battery life is also much longer on the HONOR Watch GS Pro - up to 25 days on a charge, as opposed to the maximum of 10 days for the HONOR Watch ES. You can watch our unboxing video below:

Source: Neowin