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September 2, 2019

HONOR's Full Screen Revolution: A Display of Innovation

Smartphone screen design has changed at a breakneck pace over the past two years, and HONOR has played a leading role in designing and implementing revolutionary display technology.

HONOR's Full Screen Revolution: A Display of Innovation

HONOR models from 2017 and 2018, much like other smartphones at the time, incorporated a "notch" at the top of the display, essentially a rectangular cutout used to house the front camera and other important components. Though a nuisance by today's standards, the notch represented a massive improvement over the thick top bezel on earlier phones. As a result, users could view and interact with a greater portion of the screen, rather than having an entire section walled off for the top bezel and top icon row.

In 2018, HONOR designers and engineers managed to shrink the notch into an elegant dewdrop shape, opening up valuable real estate for the user, a design first seen on the HONOR 10 Lite. The freed-up display area at the top is now used to convey crucial information, which can be viewed at a glance, such as the presence of a Bluetooth headset connection, battery level, time, Wi-Fi signal, cellular signal and network provider. Previously, it was necessary to slide down on the notification panel to access important status icons.

Worth noting as well, is the innovative "slider" screen on the HONOR Magic 2, which reveals three hidden, front-facing cameras via the user's control. This distinctive setup allows for an entirely seamless display, in which the front sheet of glass is simply held in place by the phone's metal frames. The Magic 2 screen seems to float in empty space, with gracefully rounded corners and smoothed edges that are reminiscent of the horizon in the distance.

The arrival of the HONOR View20's "punch-hole" screen in late 2018 introduced a whole new paradigm in the bezel-free smartphone revolution. On the View20, the glass surface is entirely unobstructed, with the front camera relocated to a sunken divot in the corner of the screen and other components creatively packed elsewhere. The diameter of the hole is a miniscule 4.5 mm, thanks to meticulous photolithography drilling beneath the screen, the application of 18-layer glass process and the use of premium materials for optimal camera performance and stability.

The View20 marked a new paradigm of taller screens with a slender aspect ratio of 18:9 or above, which allows for more content to fit on the page, for effortless reading and web browsing, as well as more immersive video and gaming. An increasing number of games have been customized for lengthened displays, confirming HONOR's reputation as a trailblazer in the youth market. Later 2019 releases, notably the flagship HONOR 20 series, also incorporate a notch-less, slider-less display.

HONOR has not only embraced this "bezel-less" design concept, but also carried it to its logical extreme. The recently-released HONOR 9X comes equipped with an Full-View Display that stretches the aspect ratio to a surreal 19.5:9, for a true edge-to-edge design and a soaring 91% screen-to-body ratio (according to official data from the brand). The HONOR 9X represents the culmination of HONOR's persistent effort to make full-screen affordability the new normal, and palm-sized viewing that seemingly knows no bounds.