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December 10, 2018

HONOR Magic2’s Six Revolutionary Technologies

HONOR Magic 2’six revolutionarty technologies

HONOR Magic2 was newly released with its revolutionary technologies. Here we’d like to talk about its top 6 technologies.

1. Creative butterfly 5-trail sliding screen structure offer you the real full screen

The principle of the creative butterfly 5-trails slide structure adopted by HONOR Magic2 has displayed to the full: The tight 5-trail slide structure is integrated in the compact internal space, 4-trails of which are divided into two by up and down groups embedded with each other, constituting dual-drive power structure; also, the component area at the head is equipped with micro auxiliary slide, complementing the dual-drive power structure with each other, and this guarantees the close fitting of the whole phone and smooth sliding experience. It can be unlocked just only by finger sliding, presenting vivid mechanic sound and sense of ceremony.

2. 6.39-inch Magic Slide full-screen brings you more pure visual experience

6.39-inch screen and screen-to-body ratio up to 91.5%. The length-width ratio of the screen is 19.5:9, and its frames are extremely narrow, in particular, left and right frames being 1.8 mm, top 2.9 mm, and bottom 3.95 mm, without hole nor notch, the hidden front camera makes you enjoy more pure full-view experience.

3. The in-screen optical fingerprint proves to be secure and convenient

HONOR Magic2 adopts the design of in-screen optical fingerprint. By virtue of the 32.48 mm2 ultra-large photosensitive screen fingerprint sensor, the touch zone is bigger and the unlocking operation is speedier by only taking 0.5m when the screen is off. Moreover, the phone has AI recognition function. When the screen is off, the unlocking area will be displayed on the screen by hand movement recognized by AI.

4. 3D curve, nanoscale vacuum coating creates comfortable handheld feeling and visual enjoyment

With the designs of 3D curve and R radian, you can hold it in your hand with exact satisfaction, and the application of optical nanoscale vacuum coating technology, the light beams and multiple layers of nanoscale wave texture film generates fantastic diffraction interference and refraction and brings the most glamorous visual enjoyment. HONOR Magic 2 is now available in three classic gradient colors, including gradient black, gradient blue and gradient red.

5. The updated Kirin 980 flagship chip: Six global 1st validate top performance

HONOR Magic2 is equipped with the most powerful chip with 6 global 1st -- Kirin 980.
The world's earliest commercial TSMC 7nm phone SoC chip integrates 69 billion transistors and achieves the overall improvement of performance;
It is the first time to achieve the development and commercial use based on AEM Cortex-A76 in the world, and the performance is beyond the benchmarks;
It is the first time to use the Mali-G76 GPU for commercial purpose, and the games have all special effects and can run at full frame;
It supports the globally fastest LPDDR4X chips and further releases the potentials of the CPU, and also, it represents the top of the industry;
It is the first time to creatively design Kirin CPU sub-system TM and Flex-Scheduling TM intelligent scheduling mechanism, bringing powerful performance and achieving best power efficiency; and It is the first time in the industry to equip with dual-core neutral network processing unit (NPU) to achieve the premium AI computing power in the industry and the super brain, and lead the smart phone to generally enter the age of wisdom.
Undoubtedly, HONOR Magic2 is worthy to be deemed as the most powerful in performance, speed and intelligence level.

6. Smart assistant YOYO, the most intelligent AI at the moment

YOYO, scored 4556 in AI IQ test by iResearch and Chinese Academy of Sciences, is premium in smart phones at the moment, and also can improve the intelligence with usage from users.
It is quite easy that YOYO can recognize the looks, sound, fingerprint and account information of the phone owner, also it can intelligently detect the driving scenario and hand-free operation; detect your skin quality; support the information of millions of goods and intelligent shopping; intelligent translation in 7 languages; simultaneous interpretation, real-time two-way communication interpretation of ten languages; recognize calories in foods, and intelligently identify the 5 categories of materials. Only when you slide down and unlock the sliding screen structure, you can be brought into the intelligent experience of all the functions and scenarios. Surely, beside cognition, YOYO can continuously learn, think and evolve its competence, and provide what you want before you do.