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December 10, 2018

HONOR Magic2's Camera with 117° Ultra-wide Angle

HONOR Magic2’s 17mm ultra-wide angle

On Oct., 31 of Beijing New Product Launch Event, HONOR officially unveiled this year’s top masterpiece, HONOR Magic2. According to the previous official announcement, HONOR Magic2 is going to continue the traditional definitions on Magic series. This mobile integrates with so many cutting-edge techs like MagicSlide full screen, graphene heat dissipation technology, 40W TUV Rhine Certification 2.0 Super Safe Charging, etc. It is credited as the iconic blockbuster for the second half of this year in the mobile market and will become the tech benchmark of HONOR series in the coming years. Today’s article will talk about the HONOR Magic2’s camera and its 117 ultra-wide angle.’

As one of futuristic techs, HONOR Magic2’s photograph capability cannot be underestimated. In the Smartphone photograph techs, HONOR always leads the exploring path of industry. HONOR Magic2 adopts slide screen design. Once you slide the screen, the front camera module is clearly visible to show front three-photography system that consists of 16 megapixel main lens + 2 megapixel double infrared lens. The double infrared lens collects and records face data with more details and combines with high definition main camera to accurately depict 3D beauty in more natural bokeh effects, creating impressive studio-like selfie experiences.

Its back end also still applies three-photography design with the main camera adopting 24-megapixel RGB black and white image sensor and F/1.8 aperture, and the auxiliary camera adopting 16-megapixel RGB color image sensor and F/1.8 aperture. The 16 megapixel RGB black and white sensor taken by HONOR Magic2 is set with a super wide-angle lens, the maximum aperture of F/2.2 and the maximum wide-angle lens of 117 degrees. It captures a wider picture within a shorter distance, while AI three-photography uses a high-pixel black and white lens to improve the image quality and enhance dark light photo-shooting experience.

For a quick mastering in its use, HONOR Magic2’s photography interface continues to show the HONOR series’ one we familiar with, by combing simple-to-use functions and a smart combo of text + icons, with an aim to present a pretty enjoyable user experience. HONOR Magic2 with IQ 4556 supports recognition in multiple scenes, for instance, When situated in the grassland, our HONOR Magic2 can recognize the blue sky, green plants and even proceed with adjustment and optimization of different parameters targeted at different objects separately through semantic image segmentation.

When switch to wide-angle lens, HONOR Magic2’s visual angle high up to 117 degree, which equals to 17mm in full frame camera. With the application of wider angles, the image quality of pictures gets enhanced accordingly. Regarding the edge quality, even the super-wide-angle edge will show slightly blurred, but the horizontal textures on the wooden railings are still visible after the blurring, and the wide-angle edge quality comes up with slight effects. Viewing the photo color, its saturation is slightly higher, and its clear dark and bright contrast added with the super high saturation to output the photo with a pass-through sense, the photo effect rivaling that of SLR.

Compared with the original wide-angle camera, super wide-angle creates a stronger sense of ambience and pictorial tension. If you seek to take some photos with better picturesque composition, the super wide-angle lens will help you acquire richer picture elements, and the vivid combo styles given by super wide-angle vision is bound to ignite unexpected artistic effects.

Under the current context where those leading flagship mobile phones come forth in successions, Smartphones become more radical in their configuration, so HONOR Magic2, for sure, will confront with more competitors. As the iconic mobile of future flagships, HONOR Magic2 makes us astonished at its splendid six photography designs together with its impressive photo shooting performances. If you are one of loyal photography fans, I believe, HONOR Magic2 is the must-have piece for you.