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November 20, 2018

HONOR's Best Phone For Mobile Legends

Want to know what Android phone is best for playing Mobile Legends? So do we! Let’s take a trip through the specs to find out!

Mobile Legends has been making waves through the world of gaming since it was introduced in 2016. Produced by developers Moonton, the game is the latest in online battle games and its features make it a lot of fun to play, either as a quick bit of downtime, or over a longer period as a serious gaming session.

So, if you are a keen Mobile Legend player, then you will need a phone that can do the game justice. Thankfully, HONOR have produced the best gaming phone this side of Alpha Centauri. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the HONOR Play.

best phone for mobile legends- HONOR play

The HONOR Play is a different beast from most smartphones. Whereas its rivals are just phones with gaming features bolted on afterwards (if you are lucky), the HONOR Play was designed from the ground up to be an awesome device on which to play games. This has allowed the clever product developers at HONOR to get everything just right for gaming, because nothing should distract you from the task at hand: winning!

Let us take a look at what makes the HONOR Play so special.

Firstly, it is the processing power. The HONOR Play makes use of the Kirin 970 chipset, which is a monster of a system. Through advanced design, HONOR have produced a chip designed to keep up with whatever gaming designers can throw at it.

But that is no help without the graphics to back it up. For this, HONOR have developed something called GPU Turbo, which brings you a 60% increase in performance improvement. It enables full frames per second in performance games and helps achieve FPS stability too. Incredibly, while doing all this, it also reduces power consumption by 30%. On a battery-powered device, that is a crucial consideration.

And speaking of the battery, the HONOR Play has a beefy power unit too. With 3,750mAh capacity, you can be sure that your battery will not stop before the game does.

But the designers have gone even further. The screen is a 6.3-inch monster, with a whopping 89% screen-to-body ratio, meaning those pesky bezels of old will no longer get in your way when gaming.

Continuing with the immersive theme, and with the HONOR Play, you'll want to get yourself plugged into a headset. Why? Because then you have the ability to enjoy 3D surround sound. It really puts you right in the middle of the action.

If that's not enough, then game designers will also increasingly be taking advantage of the HONOR Play's 4D Smart Shock. This allows custom vibrations to be applied in order to make in-game feedback more realistic.

Of course, the HONOR Play has everything you would expect of a smartphone, as well as its gaming-related features. It has HONOR's famed AI camera, which can recognise and fully optimise the photos you are taking without any effort from you.

As a daily phone, the HONOR Play is everything you need; as a gaming machine, it's everything you want!