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October 1, 2018

HONOR’s Best Android Camera Phone

If you’re keen on taking pictures or video with smartphone, but you are not sure which HONOR phone serves this need most, then you are in the right place. Some of HONOR’s Android phones have much better cameras than other models, below you will find the list of HONOR phones with the camera specifications.

Models Main Camera Dual Camera AI Camera Aperture
HONOR 10 24MP+16MP Yes Yes f/1.8
HONOR View 10 20MP+16MP Yes Yes f/1.8
HONOR Play 16MP+2MP Yes Yes f/2.2
HONOR 7X 16MP+2MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 7C 13MP+2MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 9N 13MP+2MP Yes No /
HONOR 9 Lite 13MP+2MP Yes No /
HONOR 9 12MP+20MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 8 Pro 12MP+12 MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 8 12MP+12 MP Yes No f/2.2
HONOR 7 20MP No No f/2.0
HONOR 7A 13MP No No f/2.2
HONOR 7S 13MP No No f/2.2

Which is the Best Camera Phone?

As we all know, HONOR is an Android phone brand for young people who take camera as the 1st priority. Among all these compared HONOR phones, which has the best camera configurations for your Instagram shots?

HONOR’s Best Android Camera Phone

When compare the camera specifications, please bear in mind the fact that - megapixels aren’t everything. The megapixel numbers shown beside the model names is not the de facto indication of whether its camera is any good or not. Higher megapixels is like a bonus, but the photo quality largely boils down to the tech inside.

honor’s best android camera phone - aperture

The very key factor you need to look out for is the Aperture. As shown in the last column of the comparison table, the number listed with an f/ in front of it is just the thing we are talking about. This aperture number indicates how much light the camera can take in when shooting a picture, the smaller the number is, the more light will be in. Why more light matters? This is because more light means greater potential for picture details.

At the same time, pixel and sensor size are just as important as that f-number. Generally speaking, the size of each individual pixel (measured in um) play an important role in determining the picture quality. Bigger camera sensor usually means more information can be gathered, resulting in better dynamic range and reduced visual noise, while a bigger pixel size lets more light in, performing better in low-light.

honor’s best android camera phone - aperture

After we are clear about the above facts, we are able to see which HONOR phone has the best camera. From the above table, you can see that HONOR 10’s camera has the highest MP (megapixel) in its main camera (rear camera), and has an aperture of f/1.8, so it is able to take pictures with rich details, and perform much better in low light shooting. Besides, The HONOR 10 comes with upgraded face recognition and facial modeling, and creates the professional studio lighting effects with its AI-powered system. It is also able to recognizes different objects in the photo and optimize accordingly for more professional photo effect.

With this AI technology, HONOR 10’s camera surpasses many other handsets in the market in the same price range. Now you should have a better idea about the best Android phone camera equipped in HONOR 10.