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January 16, 2020

Enhanced Dynamic Range in the HONOR 9X: A Boon for Binge-Streaming

Enhanced Dynamic Range in the HONOR 9X: A Boon for Binge-Streaming

The HONOR 9X incorporates "Enhanced Dynamic Range" technology, a unique capability that makes video streaming wholly engrossing, transcending preconceived notions about smartphone displays. In doing so, the 9X has made high-end viewing broadly affordable.

The new feature is accessible with all video content automatically implementing the technology, sparing the user from having to fiddle around with the settings. From your favorite show on Netflix, to a viral clip on YouTube, watching videos is now full-scale immersion, with true-to-life rendering from edge-to-edge.

The secret ingredient involves the interweaving of intelligence, computing, and hardware performance. A proprietary video chip first analyzes the brightness levels of each frame in the video, then adjusts the parameter of the various visual elements on an intelligent basis. Dark portions often obscure detail, so they are brightened accordingly; bright areas are subject to overexposure in a usual context, so they are darkened just enough to prevent this from occurring. In meticulously balancing brightness across the entire screen, Enhanced Dynamic Range provides for comfortable viewing in line with our natural perception of real-world scenery, literally shedding light on intricate details previously unseen.

Though the principle is straightforward, its implementation is a daunting challenge in practice. To visualize just how difficult it is, image a picture of a famous landmark, like the Eiffel Tower, in backlit conditions. Brightening the image brings out details of the Tower, but the background sky will be overexposed and come across as a blinding metallic flash, hardly the stunning architectural gem that it is. The only viable option is to treat the subject, that is, the Eiffel Tower, and the background as separate elements, and apply the optimal brightness for each.

Now this process has to be repeated for every single frame of tens of thousands in an hours-long movie, down to the millisecond level – the sheer computing required can boggle the mind. Fortunately the HONOR 9X is more than up for the task, coming equipped with the intelligent capabilities, premium hardware, and sensitive display to bring this technology to life!

Enhanced Dynamic Range in the HONOR 9X: A Boon for Binge-Streaming

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HONOR 9X Specs

MEMORY ROM: 64GB/128GB* (Up to 512GB expandable storage)
DISPLAY 6.59" HONOR FullView Display, 2340p x 1080p
91% screen-to-body ratio
Blue light filter (TÜV Rheinland-certified)
REAR CAMERA 48MP Main Camera
• F/1.8 aperture
• Large 1/2-inch CMOS sensor
• AIS Super Night Mode
• AI Video Stabilization*
8MP Super-Wide-Angle Camera
• 120° ultra-wide angle
• Supports distortion correction
2MP Depth Assist Camera
FRONT CAMERA 16MP Pop-up Camera
BATTERY 4,000 mAh (typical value) all-day battery