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September 12, 2018

Cheap Gaming Smartphone 2018

Now, less than £169.99, you can get a cheap gaming smartphone to play HONOR of Kings!

Classic Design: Suitable for Player

cheap gaming smartphone 2018

For those who love to play games with their mobile phones, HONOR 7C, equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 eight-core chip, with Adreno506 GPU, provides the performance required by the game. 18:9 full screen provides greater visibility and guarantees game vision experience. And the EMUI 8.0 system based on Android 8.0 guarantees the smoothness and stability of the whole machine. Therefore, the user can enjoy the enjoyable game experience with HONOR 7C.

New Mode: The Game Assistant

cheap gaming smartphone - honor 7c

In order to give users a better gaming experience, HONOR 7C also joined the game assistant. After opening the game assistant, neither the phone nor the notification will affect users’ game process. Of course, if you have a phone call that you have to pick up, the Game Assistant will also help you automatically turn on the hands-free and block the game sound. It is worth mentioning that there are three modes in the game assistant, including game mode, smart mode, and power saving mode. The game mode will make the processor full fire, to ensure the user's game experience. The smart mode will automatically adjust the hardware performance according to the game scene and the remaining power. And the power saving mode, as its name suggests, gives priority to the battery life.

Bigger Battery: 3000mAh Battery

Battery life is never a short board on the HONOR mobile phone, this advantage has also been inherited in HONOR 7C. HONOR 7C uses built-in 3000mAh battery. Although the data is not eye-catching, the performance in actual use is very surprising. When I used HONOR 7C to play the game named HONOR of Kings, it consumed 12% power in half an hour. And using the speaker to watch an hour of high-definition video consumes 14% power. Therefore, HONOR 7C can fully meet most mobile phone users’ endurance requirements in daily use.

New Tech: Smart Power-Saving Technology

cheap gaming smartphone 2018

At the same time, HONOR 7C also has a new upgraded smart power-saving technology. The core of this technology is divided into two parts. Firstly, Intelligent power-saving technology in the foreground scene ensures that the foreground application runs normally and the front-end power consumption performance is optimal. Secondly, intelligent control technology of the background process effectively avoids frequent wake-up of the background application and minimizes background power consumption. These two intelligent power-saving technologies make the battery life of HONOR 7C more lasting!

Cheap Gaming Smartphone: To Have Better Game Experience

Due to limited profits, most manufacturers have not put too much energy into the entry models, which explains why there are few surprises on the mobile phones with this price segment. However, HONOR 7C shows that HONOR mobile phone has very high sincerity. Face recognition, rear dual camera, 18:9 ratio full screen and other characteristics are incomparable by the same price mobile phone. Therefore, if you are ready to get started with a cheap gaming smartphone recently, HONOR 7C will not let you down.

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