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September 26, 2018

Best Gaming Smartphone with Large Screen

HONOR Play is born for the game. Its performance is undoubtedly excellent. However, a larger and clearer full screen make the visual experience keep up with performance.

The design of the appearance of HONOR Play is not amazing but common, which keeps up with the mainstream and keep it good-looking. From the packaging to the fuselage is a familiar style, and the packing box is very similar to HONOR 10, which shows HONOR pays attention to it. HONOR Play is also a flagship model. Its logo is printed directly in the middle, next to the AI characters, indicating HONOR Play has continued the AI technology. This is also the basic feature of HONOR flagship phone this year.

best gaming smartphone with large screen – honor play package

About the full screen

HONOR Play uses a 6.3-inch shaped full-screen design, which is longer than the bangs of HONOR 10. So it is not difficult to imagine that the rear camera will be upright (The forehead components squeeze the space of the rear camera).

best gaming smartphone with large screen – honor play screen

Of course, a comprehensive full screen is a product that everyone will like, so the current bangs plan is the result of compromise. As a flagship machine, HONOR Play uses mature products on the screen directly, which is responsible for the users. The realistic properties determine trade-offs.

Different from HONOR 10 and HONOR V10, the fingerprint recognition module of HONOR Play is placed on the back. So it also leaves more space for the front screen, which accounts for 89% of the screen, making its ‘chin’ narrower. Only an English logo of HONOR on the bottom is visually better.

About the fuselage

HONOR Play uses a metal integrated body design, the back is an integrated metal back shell. It is available in 3 exciting colors of your choice. Besides the Midnight Black and Navy Blue, HONOR bring the popular Ultra Violet to the device. And HONOR magicbook, also the featured product this year, uses such color schemes. Purple is also 2018 annual color, it can be said that HONOR is always keeping up with fashion.

best gaming smartphone with large screen – honor play colour

Carefully observing the back shell of HONOR Play, you can find that it incorporates many design highlights at the moment and combines their strengths. HONOR Play back shell design, from the camera to the HONOR logo, stand upright, used like a compact camera.

The rear dual camera (16 million pixels + 2 million pixels) of HONOR Play uses a newly designed self-developed ISP. By integrating the exclusive hardware detection module, it can capture the subject more accurately and perform AI smart optimization. The nano-injection antenna is distributed up and down, which perfectly avoids the death grip of hands when playing games, and greatly improves the network signal of HONOR Play.

best gaming smartphone with large screen – honor play camera

Scrutinizing the rear double camera of HONOR Play, you can find it seems that its design is similar with HONOR 10. Their ‘watermarks’ are both AI CAMERA. And the raised double cameras work is also very good, protecting the lens. It shows that HONOR Play is also comparable to HONOR 10 in craftsmanship. However, it is still regrettable that HONOR Play does not use a dual color temperature flash.

Of course, as the flagship of HONOR brand, it also comes with a transparent soft protective cover. Its wrapping is also all-round, as well as the guarantee of HONOR quality, so that people do not need the bumper of the mobile phone. Compared with the personalized mobile phone case, the original self-contained transparent case is still the most characteristic of the mobile phone.

Is it the best gaming smartphone with large screen in your mind?