Security Advisory – Type Confusion Vulnerability in Some Honor Products


Some Honor products are affected by type confusion vulnerability, successful exploitation could cause information leak.

This vulnerability has been assigned a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) ID: CVE-2023-51428

For products that have released software updates to fix this vulnerability, Honor will release and update the Security Advisory.

2. Software Versions and Fixes

Product Name Resolved Product and Version
Magic OS

3. Impact

Successful exploitation could cause device service exceptions.

4.Obtaining Fixed Software

The product that supports automatic update will receive a system update prompt. You can install the update to fix the vulnerability.

5. Revision History

2022-12-06 V1.0 INITIAL

6. Acknowledgement

Zhongquan Li @ AdLab of VenusTech

7.Honor Security Procedures

Honor adheres to protecting the ultimate interests of users with best efforts and the principle of responsible disclosure and deal with product security issues through our response mechanism.

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