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October 25, 2018

Why Should I Need Fast Charging for My HONOR Mobile Phone

fast charging

Battery technology is one of the areas where research is transforming our digital lives. Now, with the advent of fast charging on devices like the new HONOR 10 smartphone, all-day power is available to us all. Read on to find out how amazing this technology is.

A couple of decades ago, being able to power the sort of powerful tech devices that we all enjoy all day was unthinkable. Old fashioned NiCd batteries were the height of technology. They were backbreakingly heavy and did not even last very long.

Even with newer battery technology a few years ago, people would still have to carry big secondary batteries with them to make sure they had enough juice to last them the whole day. This was necessary because charging their device batteries took ages. It was pretty futile trying to just top up their batteries if they had a few minutes near a power socket.

Thankfully, the technology that is making batteries last longer is also helping them to charge faster than ever before. With fast charging, you can give your battery a useful top up whenever you have five minutes spare, helping to keep you going all day, whether to keep in touch with work, or just for those all-important Instagram moments.

But you might have heard some safety concerns about fast charging. People can get concerned about plugging a powerful charger into newer, slimmer devices with lightweight batteries. Thankfully, these concerns are misplaced. Any USB-compliant charger will work on any fast charging phone that can be charged using a USB. The phone will only take the amount of power it can handle, which is why you can safely connect a 2 Amp charger to phones that are normally charged by a 1 Amp charger.

You may also have heard old stories that fast charging can wear out the battery faster. While it is the case that all batteries have a finite lifespan, the technology has moved on significantly since the early days of smartphones, and phones like the stunning new HONOR 10 come with a fantastic new feature called Super Charging. This uses the phone's processing abilities to completely manage the charging process. It allows the phone to intelligently coordinate the charging voltage and current based on what the phone actually needs at that time.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, as long as you have access to a power source, even just for five minutes, you can give your battery a boost that actually means something. If you find yourself grabbing a coffee or popping in to see a friend, you can take that time to make sure you have the power to keep going all day.

The practical upshot of all this means that your HONOR phone can charge the battery safely in as little time as possible, allowing you to get on with whatever it is that you need to do without having to worry about whether your battery will last the course, which is great news for all of us.