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November 21, 2018

Which HONOR Devices Are Compatible with Pokemon Go

Want to find the perfect HONOR mobile for playing Pokemon Go? We have all the details for you. Read on to find out more.

pokemon go mobile

Pokemon Go first appeared in 2016 and very quickly became a global phenomenon. For a start, it is just plain fun to play. However, it also features strong Augmented Reality content, which promotes fitness, because you have to actually go out and find Pokemon! This makes it healthier than a lot of games, which can only be a good thing.

Just in case you are not sure how it works, let us take a look.

Pokemon have been around for ages. They featured (traditionally) in trading cards back in the 90s, but have also appeared in other video games. There have been TV shows and films too, and there is a whole bunch of Pokemon merchandise out there.

But the craze came back in a big way when developer Niantic released Pokemon Go. Like other incarnations of Pokemon, the idea is to battle with Pokemon, weaken them, then capture them in something called a poke ball. Capturing a Pokemon bonds it to you and you can then train it to make it stronger.

In Pokemon Go, you will see a real-world map of where you currently are. As you move around, virtual Pokemon will be there too. The idea is to catch them. The most amazing thing is that you can overlay the virtual world onto reality by using your HONOR phone's camera. That means you can actually see and catch Pokemon in the real world.

No wonder, then, that there have been 800 million downloads of the game, nor that there are 147 million active users. If you want to be part of it, you will want to make sure that your HONOR phone is up to the task.

The great news is that all current HONOR phones could play the game, because their specs are above the minimum specs that the game requires. However, Augmented Reality does use a fair bit of resources, so it wouldn't hurt to go for one of HONOR's premium phones.

There are plenty to choose from. The new android phone - HONOR 8X - is a pretty good candidate. Available at an amazing price, but still with enough power to make your Pokemon sessions a breeze. The phone also has a FullView display. This means that 91% of the front of the phone is screen, which makes the phone nearly borderless and is an incredible achievement. It comes with 64GB of memory and a big capacity battery for longer playing sessions.

pokemon go mobile- HONOR8x

The HONOR 8X boasts GPU Turbo, a feature that is also available on the HONOR Play, which is a phone you might well consider if you are also keen on more resource-intensive games. It is powered by the flagship Kirin 970 processor, so it has even more processing power, together with some nifty features to improve your gaming life.

To sum up, HONOR phones are exactly what you need if you want to catch a few Pokemon. And, of course, you gotta catch 'em all!