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February 14, 2020

Two Weeks' Notice: A Battery to Behold on the HONOR MagicWatch 2

Battery life has been a constant source of anxiety in modern life, as phones have grown slimmer and displays have grown larger. The same logic applies to peripheral products as well, such as wearables, due to stringent space limitations in compact products alongside soaring expectations for device performance. Smart watch brands are quick to boast when their product runs for four or five days on a full charge, which is regarded as a significant achievement when many models on the market struggle to make it through one or two days. Users have grown accustomed to constantly checking the battery level on their smart watch, but still suffer the occasional inconvenience of losing access to their device for an entire day after forgetting to charge it the previous night.

HONOR designers are well aware of this phenomenon, and have extensively researched the best methods for integrating tradition with novelty — optimizing smart watch design to sustain cutting-edge intelligent functions throughout a lengthy battery cycle that is comparable to that of a conventional digital watch.

The HONOR MagicWatch 2 is the fruit of their efforts, and a milestone wearable device in the intelligent era.

The new watch's in-house Kirin A1 chip and smart power-saving algorithm work seamlessly to ensure a two-week battery life, on top of supporting a wide range of state-of-the-art functions such as watch face customization, fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring. So the next time you turn your wrist to check the time, you can take comfort in seeing accurate real-time data and smart notifications, rather than the familiarly dreadful low-battery alert.

Kirin A1: slimmed-down, off-the-charts efficiency

Two Weeks' Notice: A Battery to Behold on the HONOR MagicWatch 2

Chipsets are the key for any smart electronics device, fueling performance and power management, but for the same reason are also the most challenging component. The proprietary Kirin A1 chipset packs the Bluetooth and audio processing units, as well as other core components such as a low-power processor and an independent power management unit, all within a miniscule 4.3 mm x 4.4 mm area. As a result, the Kirin A1 consumes an efficient 10 uA/MHz, which stands in stark contrast to the standard 30 uA/MHz seen in most models.

Remarkably, the chip's standout power efficiency doesn't compromise its blistering performance in the slightest. It meets both the Bluetooth 5.1 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1 standards, and has an HONOR-developed BT-UHD (Bluetooth Ultra High-Definition Audio) coding solution, to guarantee the speed and stability.

A1's incredibly compact size, 30% smaller than most alternatives, is just the icing on the cake, facilitating the 10.7-mm thick, wafer-thin design on the HONOR MagicWatch 2.

Smart power management

HONOR's algorithms have received widespread acclaim from both consumers and industry professionals alike, and the HONOR MagicWatch 2 is very much cut from the same cloth. Its power management algorithm is capable of detecting whether it's being worn, when the user is stationary or working out when wearing it, and then adjusting the performance and energy allocation accordingly. For example, when you take the watch off, it will detect this state and decrease sensor frequency to save power. And sensor frequency will be increased if the user is active to ensure continual high-level monitoring. This differs dramatically from most watch power algorithms, which do not distinguish between usage scenarios.

Two Weeks' Notice: A Battery to Behold on the HONOR MagicWatch 2

HONOR has leveraged its wide-ranging technological capabilities to deliver an enriching and interactive digital experience for its users. This has involved an uncompromising approach to product design, an identity that the HONOR MagicWatch 2 embodies and embraces.

The brand-new wearable has been released in November, and every one of you is welcome to test how long exactly the watch battery can last. HONOR watch designers and developers will continue to work relentlessly to bring you more powerful algorithms and chip technologies, and a more intelligent, intuitively interactive wearable experience.