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December 10, 2018

The Irresistible beauty – HONOR 10 Lite Display

With the stunning capabilities, HONOR series widely gains groups of young followers and its sales growth rate leads other Internet brands in global market. On Nov. 21, HONOR announced the release of its low priced model for the young generation: HONOR 10 Lite, approximately 200 dollars. In this pricing range, its appearance designs and hardware specs are brilliantly commendable.

HONOR 10 Lite features 3D dazzling light gradient design for its body back inherited from its flagship models. It adopts 24-megapixel front selfie lens and Kirin 710 in combo with GPU Turbo 2.0, powerful enough to deliver the users the soothing carefree feel in use experiences.

Let’s explore more about its appearance.

Appearance: super narrow three sides of COF enclosure, The flagship technique truly rare to see

HONOR 10 Lite is available in four color scheme versions, including gradient red, gradient blue, midnight black and coral bell white. Its back uses high precision 3D photolithography technique, which is truly uncommon to find amidst the overwhelming trends of gradient color mobile phones.

HONOR 10 Lite in Black color’s front design

HONOR 10 Lite is built with 6.21-inch pearl screen with screen-to-body ratio reaching up to 90%, and by adding with eye care mode 2.0, it effectively filter blue ray. And its 19.5:9 full screen design gives the mobile a comfortable handhold feel similar to that of 5.2-inch traditional mobile, but the former with a greater area of display zone.

This is the detailing shown by pearl screen, and in this small zone, HONOR 10 Lite, besides lots of components and units like different sensors built in, also inserts a 24-megapixel front camera.

This is the detailing shown by the chin. To combine the COF enclosure techniques normally found in those flagship models into HONOR 10 Lite, its chin has already become so narrow that HONOR logo cannot even find a space to sit in, a bold and innovative design rare to see in current mobile phones priced at the same level.

On the top you can find a MIC, as HONOR 10 Lite moves the card slot to the body top as shown below for the benefits of more effective use of the inner space of the phone body.

HONOR 10 Lite in Black color’s top

As for the body bottom, there locates the speaker, Micro-USB port, MIC and 3.5mm headphone hole in a line.

HONOR 10 Lite in Black color’s bottom

With the gradient color design originated from flagship models, HONOR 10 Lite noticeably takes a dazzling light color scheme different from the common double color transition gradient scheme in the current market. To be more concrete, HONOR 10 Lite reflects a color gradient from bottom to up to pure white and then derives with four color schemes including gradient red, gradient blue, midnight black and coral bell white.

According to official statement, HONOR 10 Lite leverages high precision 3D photolithography technique to create 3D dazzling effects accompanied by light and shade variations for a reflected ambilight, which makes the whole phone back sparkling with flowing aurora to reach a flow motion of light and shade mix effects.

At the pricing level, one could hardly find such double-glass body design, and HONOR 10 Lite’s dazzling light gradient color schemes further add a touch of sophistication and glamour to the glass base.

HONOR 10 Lite’s back double-camera still lay out in vertical line at the upper left corner with no apparent blunt burge.

HONOR 10 Lite provides the card slots with a three-hole design of double Nano-SIM + SD card, allowing for inserting 2 SIM + 1 SD card in parallel, pretty convenient to use.