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December 10, 2018

The Best-Selling Point of HONOR Magic2: Smart Assistant YOYO

In the IFA Germany at the end of August, the head of HONOR ZHAO Ming announced that, HONOR Magic2, the 2nd generation concept Mobile, will be released with its unique push-slide cover newly defined as MagicSlide Full-screen. Then, will HONOR Magic2 attract more buy-in of consumers with its own shining points? Today, we come to talk about the best-selling point of HONOR Magic2: smart assistant YOYO.

HONOR Magic2

How smart is the Smart Assistant YOYO?

Let alone with its appearance interaction, but regarding systems, HONOR Magic2 proudly establishes an amazing artificial intelligence system based on its architecture, which HONOR entitles it with a pretty cool name, i.e. Smart Assistant YOYO. Relying on the powerful AI computing power of Kirin 980 dual-core NPU, Smart Assistant YOYO demonstrates quite a convincing performance in the fields like computer visual, natural semantic understanding, deep learning, decision-making system and recommendation system, etc.

Smart Assistant YOYO has the ability to recognize its users. YOYO could actually sense its users by facial recognition and voiceprint recognition. Especially through voiceprint, the users’ voice is used as the only credential valid for unlocking Magic Live Smart Engine.

YOYO has outstanding ability in semantic recognition, through which only one or two sentences is required in command for complex operation procedures after you wake up YOYO to make it possible to implement the voice control on Mobile.

Regarding visual functions, YOYO supports smart recognition, photography translation, camera shopping, Calorie recognition, etc.
The Smart Visual Screen could recognize texts or image items by press them with two fingers, and further access to more convenient functions like content split, records, translation and shopping etc. It is worthy to note that, HONOR Magic2 also supports Simultaneous Interpretation so that you could not only hear the voice of interpreter, but also view the converted text content.

AI adds a touch of humanity warmth to the cold technology, so does Smart Assistant YOYO, who is developing in a way to serve as the private assistant of its users. Not exaggerate to say, YOYO has established mobile AI system prototype framework composed by vision, hearing, voice and touch, acting as a better paradigm for the development of mobile phone artificial intelligence system, although the functions are still a little preliminary.


Is the HONOR Magic2 worthy buying?

Generally speaking, HONOR Magic2 is a good product with lots of highlights like MagicSlide Full-screen, strong AI computing power, global 1st six-photography, mainstream biotic recognition mechanism, 40W fast charging, etc., all of which could function as the most stunning selling points. Plus it’s multifunctional NFC, double GPS, double SIM card VoLTE simultaneous data calls, 160Mhz 1.7Gbps high speed throughput Wi-Fi and other benefits. All of them contribute to the esteemed flagship identity of HONOR Magic2.