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December 10, 2018

The Best Mobile with Eight Revolutionary Technologies

The best HONOR mobile HONOR Magic2 is highlighted with its eight revolutionary technologies. Go on and let’s have a look at them.

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1. Self-innovated 3D bionic photosensitive technology

HONOR Magic2 accurately and deeply recognizes nearly ten thousand feature points of human face through two parallel infrared lenses, with faster and more accurate recognition speed and face recognition under all conditions, no matter in light/dark. In addition, this 3D bionic photosensitive technology has also been applied to mobile payment, 3D Qmoji's cute pet expression production and social platform application.

2. The front 16-megapixel AI three-photography + the back 24-megapixel AI three photography with ultra-wide angle brings better photo-taking experience

The hidden front three-photography adds two 2-megapixel infrared cameras to the 16-megapixel main camera, which collects and records face information in greater details, while cooperates with the high-pixel main camera to achieve a more accurate 3D beauty effects, making the background more natural and realizing the studio-like selfie experience.

Based upon the improved image quality and the dark photo experience of the high-pixel black-and-white lens (24-megapixel black-and-white lens + 16-megapixel color lens), a 16-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens has also been added to the rear ultra-wide angle AI three-photography. At the same distance, HONOR Magic2 can get 117° ultra-wide angle viewing effect, which is nearly double that of ordinary mobile phones.

3. AI Dual Frequency GPS Navigation the tunnel/viaduct positioning without fuss since then

One of the first five-star precise positioning navigation mobile phones to be certified by CTTL in the industry. The AI dual-frequency GPS navigation of HONOR Magic2 uses the self-innovated HI 1103 dual-frequency GPS chip, greatly improving the positioning accuracy. HiGeo's positioning and navigation engine enables you to get a more accurate navigation experience in tunnels with complex terrain, chaotic signals and even no signals.

4. 40W TUV Rhine Certified Safe Super Quick Charging

HONOR Magic2 loads 3500 mAh battery and is equipped with a safe super quick charging of Magic Charge 40W certified by German Rhine TÜV, so that mobile phone charging can operate safely and efficiently with the power of technology.

5. Data call concurrency technology of dual-card Volte

The simultaneous calls and games will not be disturbed by each other (the main card is used or making calls and the auxiliary card for Internet surfing; and two cards can receive incoming calls in parallel, while keeping the mobile network online). Which means, one card is intended for VoLTE calls and one card for 4G Internet access.

6. The first 160 MHz 1.7 Gbps high-speed throughput in the industry

The ultimate physical rate of Wi-Fi high-speed download can reach 1.7 Gbps; and the phone supports 160 MHz and supports Wi-Fi 5G 11ac's Wi-Fi speed experience.

7. GPU Turbo 2.0

Compared with the first generation GPU Turbo, the game's basic experience capability has been improved (performance, temperature control, TP touch control, network optimization, frame rate, image quality) and more in-depth optimized game content is supported.
Game Quality: 4K picture quality of the game; Game Network Optimization: The seamless handover between cellular data and Wi-Fi signals can fix the learning environment and optimize the use environment of the network in advance.

8. Graphene Heat Dissipation Technology

With the new material "black gold" graphene, there are 3 million layers at 1 nm, and the strength is 200 times that of steel, greatly improving the heat dissipation capacity: the heat dissipation capacity of the single-layer graphene film is 3 times that of the traditional graphite sheet; and the heat dissipation capacity of 70um graphene film is 1.5 times that of 70um artificial graphite.
The higher conduction capability enables the heat inside the phone body to be quickly transferred to the outside of the phone body, which not only ensures the safety and battery life, but also enables the Kirin 980 chip to continue its work in the best condition.