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我的荣耀 开启荣耀之旅

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December 10, 2018

The Best Mobile Phone with Smart Assistant YOYO!

HONOR Magic2

Awaiting for 2 years, we finally witness the release of HONOR Magic2. It is the best HONOR mobile. Besides the highlighted black tech like loading Kirin 980, butterfly 5-rail slide screen, what makes us most expect for is its build-in Smart Assistant YOYO. We believe that, most of audiences are quite curious about such a new capability, wondering what experiences it will bring us? Today, I will showcase its built-in smart assistant YOYO to all of you through this article.

According to the official introduction, YOYO could be viewed as the soul and core of Magic UI 2.0, HONOR Magic2 new generation AI system. In general, all the smart operations associated with the Mobile could be realized with the present of YOYO.


YOYO recognizes your individual fingerprints: In-screen optical fingerprints

HONOR Magic2 supports in-screen optical fingerprints, to be more specific, whenever you record your fingerprint information through the screen, YOYO will only recognize your fingerprints since then. When the screen is off, YOYO can still sense your gestures and actions, intelligently display unlocking zone and affiliate with vibrant animation effects so that you have the unlocking experience within one touch to open instantly.

Once you go to [Setting]—[Safety & Privacy]—[Fingerprints], you will find such functions. By the way, your fingerprints can be also used for unlocking devices, accessing to safe box, Huawei Wallet Quick Payment and many other tasks Judging from my personal testing, currently the fingerprint from HONOR Magic2 can be used for Alipay payment. I believe pretty soon Wechat will deliver the related support in its updates.

In the perspective of real experiences, no matter you try to unlock when the screen is off or on, the operation will be executed very quickly. The whole unlocking experience completely rivals that of using physical fingerprint button to fulfill this task. Even the screen is upside down, the fingerprint sensor in the screen will still accurately recognize your fingerprint and transiently respond. What is worthy to be noted that, you need give a little force when press your finger and keep it soft and warm. In such a way, the unlocking experiences will be even better.

YOYO recognizes your voice: Voiceprint recognition technology

HONOR Magic2 supports voiceprint recognition technology. Once you record your own voiceprints, YOYO will only recognize your voice since then. Also, YOYO could recognize the owner’s demanding voice from different noisy environment in a rapid and accurate manner, and keep the same efficiency in recognizing the owner’s voice and operate according to his or her demands without disturbing the execution of other tasks like watching videos, gaming, listening to music, recording etc.
As long as you go to [Setting]—[Smart]—[Voice Control] to activate [Voice Awakening], and record three sentences of saying “Hello, YOYO”, your own voice command journey will start right away. After activating the function, YOYO will penetrate every corner of your world. You only need to say ”Hello, YOYYO” when the screen is of, slide the screen, tap the button next to the search bar in the drop-down screen or use many other quick methods to wake up YOYO.

As per the tests, YOYO could touch upon a huge variety of operations like sending messages through Wechat, gifting red envelopes, posting on friends’ circles, using Alipay to fill the phone charges, paying off utility usage fees, opening video APP to see films, view entertainment TV programs, booking train and flight tickets, booking hotels, etc., all of which could be done through awakening YOYO, a Smart Living Entity indeed.

YOYO recognizes your figure: 3D bionic photosensitive technology

HONOR Magic2 adopts 16-megapixels main camera+ 2-megapixels infrared camera in the front end. Once it collects your facial data, YOYO will only recognize your face since then. Additionally, the advanced configuration version also supports 3D bionic photosensitive technology. Besides face unlocking, it also provides the options of face payment and 3D Qmoji cute facial expression production, guaranteeing the properties of security and amusement in parallel.