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December 10, 2018

The Best 100% Magic-slide Full Screen Flagship Mobile

I believe, you may notice that, a variety of slide cover full screen mobile phones have created a hit in 2018 market. Among all the similar products, HONOR Magic2 is a peculiar flagship product, and also the best 100% magic-slide full screen mobile. What differences does this mobile bring us? Please read the article to learn more.

HONOR Magic2

MagicSlide Full screen matched with sliding rail structure and 3D curved body integration to reveal trendy beauty and gradient changes.

HONOR Magic2 has a 19.5: 9 AMOLED plus 6.39-inches FHD+screen with screen ratio nearly 100%, ensuring gorgeous color brightness and pleasant visual effects.

And regarding the commonly disputed mobile chins during full screen times, HONOR Magic2 also uses ultra-narrow designs in its chin. Compared with the other products in the market, its chin seems very elaborate. Meanwhile, in order to create a full-screen design without front notch, HONOR Magic2 introduces butterfly five-rail slide screen structure, which reveals front three-photography when the whole screen slides downwards.

Although adopting slide rail structure, HONOR Magic2 still has a best control over its body thickness to make sure the whole mobile body handholding not giving a heavy feel.

HONOR Magic2’s back end uses 3D curved glass with optical nanometer vacuum coating technology to integrate with AI three cameras, now available in three color versions: gradient black, gradient red and gradient blue.

HONOR Magic2 is set with optical screen fingerprints and uses 32.48 mm² big light-sensitive element. According to site testing, its unlocking speed reaches the new advanced level designated for screen fingerprint mobiles.

Front and end AI six-camera combined with super wide-angel lens to create exciting user experiences.

HONOR Magic2 equips with front and end AI Six-photography that consists of three-photography design in 16-megapixel main camera and dual-infrared camera to support face unlocking, slide screen super quick selfie and studio-like 3D portrait lighting effects, and back three-photography design in 24-megapixel black and white +16-megapixel color +16-megapixel super wide-angle lens to support 60+ class tags and 1500+ scenes for AI multi-scene recognition as well as AIS handheld super night scenes.
The key appealing feature in photo-taking provided by HONOR Magic2 is to add in a super wide-angle lens. It supports 17 mm focal length, so helps us include more content in the picture.

The final hit selling points: AI Smart Assistant YOYO plus 40W super quick charging.

HONOR Magic2 also includes another two hot features: AI Smart Assistant YOYO and 40W super quick charging.

When Magic Live Smart Engine is activated, you will see a pop-up note to remind you open Voice Assistant YOYO. This is the first time for YOYO to meet our users, but its experiences have basically developed to be mature. No matter it is AI image recognition shopping, voice translation, Wechat red envelopes and any of other third party APP functions, YOYO has grasped the usage quite skillfully. In case encounter with some operations that cannot be completed in one step, the user also can improve the use experience by guiding YOYO to execute the whole process.

Kirin 980 performance proves to be satisfactory, and adding with GPU Turbo 2.0 makes HONOR Magic2 ever greater in its usage

HONOR Magic2 loads Kirin 980 processor to compose the best cost effective Kirin 980 mobile. When Performance Mode opens, Kirin 980 antutu benchmark can reach up to 300,000 points, GeekBench singular core to 3350 points, multiple-core to 10030 points and calculation to 8134 points, incredibly solid and strong Android Core.

HONOR Magic2 also supports GPU Turbo 2.0, a version compatible with many popular games like HONOR of Kings, PUBG etc.

As a whole, the merits of HONOR Magic2 focus on slide full screen with no notch, excellent Kirin 980, AI Smart Assistant YOYO, optical screen fingerprint, AI Super Wide-angle camera, 40W super quick charging and many other reputed features.

Such an great mobile phone, is it tempting to you?