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March 11, 2019

The 3D Photo Editor for Your HONOR View20

With the development of mobile phone camera, we can see the 3D camera has been applied in some smartphone models. HONOR View20 is that kind of smartphone which supports 3D camera. This new smartphone signals a new era in smartphone technology. Its 48MP and 3D TOF camera system is a game changer in the world of photography, while the powerful Kirin 980 AI chipset and breakthrough technologies empower you to see the unseen.

HONOR View20 supports 3D TOF camera

The 3D TOF camera is a range imaging camera system that employs time-of-flight techniques. Compared to other 3D laser scanning methods for capturing 3D images, TOF cameras operate very quickly, providing up to 160 images per second. HONOR View20 is that kind of mobile phone has 3D TOF camera.

With HONOR View20, you can be a master of 3D photography. Its depth sensing, skeletal tracking, and real-time motion capture will allow you to take 3D photo, play 3D motion games, and separate you from the background with multiple retouch levels for the perfect look in any situation. In short, HONOR View20’s 3D camera will provide you a new world you never enjoy before. By the way, to let you enjoy more 3D editing features, we will introduce you a third-party 3D photo editor app for your HONOR View20, which will give you more fun. That is 3D Photo Effect.

3D Photo Effect

3D Photo Effect is a 3D photo editor which is compatible with HONOR View20. It helps you to create photo effect with a 3D effect. It not only help you creat good 3D effect photos, but also provide you with beautiful photo frames as well. You can select one picture or take it from camera and get large varieties of photo effects, overlays, frames and enhance options to beautify your picture.

It can help you to edit your 3D output with its special color effects to give you an amazing look. This app contains creative special 3D effects like dancing on phone, falling cubes, Flower Petals and lots of other special 3D effects. Below are its main features:

★ 3D photo effects & layer editing
★ Artwork effects & cartoon filters Picture editor
★ Focus your picture with Radial and Linear Vignette shape
★ Easy rotation, crop or resize of photos
★ Make your own meme
★ Easily edit with the touch and pinch-to-zoom interface
★ 500+ of layouts and frames to choose from!
★ Use photos from your gallery and camera
★ View, edit, or delete your edited Image. Also re-edit that image
★ Save your final result to your gallery and on your SD card
★ Sharing with your friends, family and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and more social apps
★ Save images in Ultra HD 4K resolution (device dependent)

In brief, this 3D photo editor will let you enjoy more features funny on your HONOR View20. If you like its features and want to get more fun on 3D photos, you can download it from Google Play, however, it contains some ads, which is its downside.

Anyway, HONOR View20 will give you a new experience of mobile 3D camera experience. Wish you will have a great enjoyment with it.