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October 26, 2018

Take a Perfect Selfie with HONOR 10's Selfie Camera

The HONOR 10 selfie camera has been designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of all smartphone users to take a perfect selfie, by offering camera features, such as the AI and dual-lens technology normally found on high-end models, at a very attractive price.

“Every picture tells a story” – the evolution of the selfie

This has never been truer than with the growth of smartphone use. Whether keeping up-to-date with your mates and family, or running a live thread for your business, in the age of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, the selfie has become as important as the smartphone itself. Some would argue it is the selfie, more than any other feature, that has driven both the wider use of and demand for smartphones. Even as long ago as 2013, “selfie” was named word of the year by the Oxford Dictionaries. And since then not only has the growth of the selfie exploded, for many it has become the preferred method of communicating by smartphone rather than telephoning.

The HONOR 10, helping you take the perfect selfie

Today, it is all about your personal online presence and the perfect selfie is in the front line of your communication for leisure and for business. Your selfies say a lot about you and they need to be vibrant and colourful to project a good image. This is where the HONOR 10 comes into its own, helping you to take the perfect selfie, whether you are just a point and click expert or prefer to set up your shots professionally. First of all, the HONOR 10 has a 24MP selfie camera so that the detail and depth of your selfie is not lost as with cheaper lower pixel cameras. This makes your selfie seem more alive.

HONOR 10 selfie camera

Colours, contrast and mood of the image can also make all the difference between an average and a really great selfie. The HONOR 10 comes with AI (Artificial Intelligence) software built-in to the camera operation, which takes over the task of determining just the right settings for the perfect selfie fully automatically. Even the amateur user can point and click stunning selfies straight out of the box, without any prior set-up. But for those who already take professional photos you can easily switch the AI mode off and choose between unmodified and modified pictures, and take advantage of the full range of editing options available.

HONOR 10 selfie camera - portraits

The AI technology in the HONOR 10 uses advanced algorithms to recognise the context of the image and select the optimum camera settings, based on over 500 scenarios in 22 categories. There is also a range of AI portrait features for Bokeh, soft background mode, and 3D portrait lighting for a professional studio effect. The AI-enabled front camera has a light-sensitive sensor combined with 4-in-1 light fusion technology to help take sharp, focused and perfectly lit selfies even in low light conditions.

The HONOR 10 certainly packs a punch when delivering advanced smartphone camera technology and emphasises just how important the perfect selfie is in our increasingly mobile and online world.