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December 10, 2018

Smart Assistant YOYO in HONOR Magic2


As HONOR series’ blockbuster flagship piece, HONOR Magic2 is set to surprise our consumers with many merits With our envision to introduce a smarter mobile as a whole, HONOR Magic2 adopts new Magic UI2.0, of which the greatest upgrade is fused in Smart LIVING Assistant YOYO from the system. Since the release of this star product, like others, I am also very curious about this Smart Assistant YOYO, considering that AI has become one of the industry hotspots. Then, what is YOYO in a real sense? Why does HONOR entitle it as “Smart Assistant”? If you also have same question in the mind, let us come together to explore more.

HONOR Magic2 is bound to change your life

Touching upon AI, perhaps many people still remain at “AI Scenario recognition” in photo-taking instances. Nevertheless, HONOR Magic2 tells us, it is only one of the most basic functions. With such an AI Smart Flagship iconic, how could simply “AI Scenario recognition” satisfy your desire? HONOR uses new Smart Assistant YOYO to showcase its ambitions. Through real experiences, YOYO perhaps doesn’t simply serve as a pure voice assistant as we could imagine, and instead, it more serves as the AI Intelligence built in HONOR Magic2. It has the intensive abilities to recognize, learn, think and evolve through continuous learning and can continuously develop as time goes by, penetrate into your daily life with the aim to improve your efficiency. After my practical use, I come to discover, actually it is YOYO that transform HONOR Magic2 into an AI Intelligence Flagship.

YOYO is the built-in unit to show more intelligence

HONOR Magic2 introduces many AI Smart experiences closely bundled with this Smart LIVING Assistant YOYO. Although in the real use scenarios, many people tend to think YOYO is only a Smart Living Assistant with IQ 4556, recognition, learning, thinking and evolution abilities only, as you use it longer, you may start to feel that YOYO becomes smarter. If you give YOYO the chances to learn your commands, it will gradually understand more about your real requirements, and eventually help you vitalize your life with more simplicity and higher efficiency.

A Smart Assistant with extraordinary AI visual abilities

AS YOYO gradually develops with the daily use, it can also detect our skin quality status. Its eyes could detect microgroove, red areas under skin, color spots, pores and other dimensions of our skin quality and then provide tailored skin care advices, almost equivalent to transmitting the skin testing instruments from those professional beauty salons into YOYO's brain. In this sense, YOYO imperceptibly saves a lot of money for me. If you expect to have an accurate recognition about the calories contained in the food, YOYO could also give you a hand. When learn enough about certain skills, you could directly ask YOYO about the volume of calories in some food, YOYO will respond to your concerns by only taking a glance at them. It undoubtedly offers great benefits to those people who pay special attentions on keeping a balanced diet.

A Smart Assistant with more specialized hearing ability

As a “Smart Assistant”, YOYO uses its “eyes” to see like a real person. Similarly, it uses its “mouth” to speak, uses its “ears” to hear, and use its “brains” to think. In order to enrich YOYO’s abilities, HONOR engineers also taught YOYO to do simultaneous interpretation, definitely a good news to many people. With the assistant of YOYO, we no longer need to worry about language barrier issues.


As the time goes by, we easily come to realize that, YOYO no longer acts as a common voice assistant to us from the early stage. Instead, it is born to improve our life quality just like our life pals.