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February 24, 2020

Shooting Video on the Level in HONOR's Magic UI 3.0

Have you found that the photos taken on your phone come out well-balanced, while by contrast, videos are more often noticeably crooked, with a lopsided background that looks like it was shot from the swaying deck of a ship on the ocean? Indeed, it can be frustrating to shoot a video — of a magnificent visa, skyline or even just a nice, warm coffee house — only to find that the final product looks skewed due to the slightest presence of hand jitters, or a slightly misjudged view.

You may be familiar with the Horizontal level feature in Camera, which enables you to take pictures that are flawlessly aligned with the horizon. If you're capturing the brilliant sunset on the other side of a canyon, for instance, Horizontal level has you covered.

But what if you want to shoot a video instead? Given the long duration that the phone needs to be kept stable, videos are most susceptible to a tilted angle of view, but the phone's camera provides no assistance for users… until now!

In Magic UI 3.0, you can apply Horizontal level when shooting videos also, for professional-level videography on just a whim. It's an essential new capability for any aspiring vlogger!

To activate the feature, select Video mode in Camera, touch the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the viewfinder, and enable Horizontal Level.

Shooting Video on the Level in HONOR's Magic UI 3.0

You'll then notice a dotted line in the middle of the circle on the viewfinder (as in Figure 2). Adjust the phone till it becomes a solid line (as in Figure 3). While shooting, hold the phone as still as possible. If you notice that the dotted line reappears, re-orient the camera until the line is solid once again. This will ensure that the video remains aligned throughout the entire shoot!

Shooting Video on the Level in HONOR's Magic UI 3.0 Shooting Video on the Level in HONOR's Magic UI 3.0

Horizontal level brings extraordinary balance and sophistication to videos taken on a handheld device. You'll be blown away by how pristine landscapes, cityscapes and even ordinary video clips look, when your phone provides them with the support that they deserve!