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March 10, 2020

How to Make Your HONOR 9X a Force of Nature

Capturing natural scenery on a spontaneous whim is one of the many joys of everyday life, particularly for smartphone users who are passionate about photography.

This article provides some handy tips for how to make your nature shots stand out from the crowd. Best yet, all of these principles can be applied without bulky or expensive equipment. Instead, all you'll need is the 48MP tri-camera HONOR 9X, a perceptive eye, and an open mind!

Capturing the ordinary from an extraordinary perspective
Plants and flowers are the most common subjects in nature photography, but they're usually captured from a generic, straight-on perspective that doesn't provide any new visual insights. If you're diligent about finding a unique vantage point though, you can be rewarded with a truly remarkable image. By shooting flowers from below, as in this image below, you can render the subject out of time and place, allowing it to completely transcend its relative lack of size.

How to Make Your HONOR 9X a Force of Nature

Photo by @Mahfooz Cheriya

Mahfooz went for a low angle, and applied a bokeh effect to the towering trees in the background, to create simmering tension throughout the image and depict the otherwise ordinary, everyday flower as the center of its own universe.

Selecting the optimal resolution
For small animals and insects, it's preferable to get close to them when shooting, in order to capture the hairs, textures and other intricate details that make them unique. The 48MP ultra-high resolution lens on the HONOR 9X provides for standout detail retention that exceeds the capabilities of our own eyes. To take a close-up photo in full splendor, touch the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the camera viewfinder, select 48MP as the resolution, and proceed to take the picture.

How to Make Your HONOR 9X a Force of Nature

Photo by @Nalinder Mahato

How to Make Your HONOR 9X a Force of Nature

Photo by @Pranav Prabhakar

Extending the View
Pictures of natural scenery often provide a sweeping, all-encompassing view of the surrounding landscape, shot in such a way to maximize the impression brought by the foreground views. The HONOR 9X comes equipped with a 120-degree wide angle lens, precisely for those scenarios in which a standard view doesn't do the setting justice, as in the image below. The distance is extended between the distant fishing boat and the nearby shore, creating the sense of a vast expanse that is reminiscent of actual conditions on the water.

How to Make Your HONOR 9X a Force of Nature

Photo by @Letitia Bian

Eager to apply some of these principles in your own photography? Try them out, and don't forget to submit your best work in the ongoing HONOR 9X photo contest!