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October 29, 2018

HONOR Magic 2: Triple Cameras

In 2016, we witnessed the development and popularization of dual camera technology, which provides us with better picture quality, as well as bokeh effects. So if mobile phones carry three cameras, will the experience be better? HONOR also thinks this way, so in the upcoming HONOR Magic 2, three cameras are built in the back of the phone. From a professional point of view, are three really stronger than two?

honor 8x dual cameras

The Development of Triple Cameras on Mobile Phone

Since the mobile phone integrated the image recording function, the pros and cons of the photography ability has become an unchanging topic. From the earliest high-pixel single lens, to the dual lens with wide aperture, and then to the triple lenses, in a few years, the mobile camera module has been greatly improved in quality and quantity.

Now, many manufacturers are trying to use the multi-lens solution on the hardware to improve the shooting capabilities of mobile phones.

honor magic 2 triple cameras

What Are the Advantages of Triple Cameras?

In general, triple cameras will not have much more new features than dual cameras, but just optimizations based on dual cameras.

For example, compared to dual lenses, triple lenses can still have a CMOS auxiliary image based on black-and-white + color CMOS, which can bring better tolerance; or relative to dual lens, triple lens can add even a fisheye lens based on wide-angle + telephoto combination, to achieve the super zoom function, providing more interesting perspectives.

More importantly, the significant function of dual camera – bokeh effect - will be enhanced on the triple camera phone. Because the distance between the three cameras is farther than the dual camera, the acquisition of depth of field information on triple camera phones will be more accurate, to determine the exact relative position and contour between different objects, so that there will be no blunt, or false blurring effect when applying the bokeh.

honor 8x bokeh portrait effect photo taken with dual cameras

With the support of triple cameras, the mobile phone can shoot photos with more details, with quality that rivals or even surpasses D-SLR cameras. Usually the triple lenses on mobile phone works differently. For example, on some triple camera phone, the main lens recognizes the light source environment and can display day and night clearly. One lens has ultra-wide-angle, which can support wide-angle picture shooting, making the panorama photo much wider than a normal lens. Another lens works as a telephoto lens, which supports optical zoom to perfectly preserve the details of the photo. Sometimes, one of the three lenses works as a depth of field lens, which allows shooting pictures with bokeh effect. The depth of field lens is especially useful when taking portraits, because it can shoot more naturally with large depth of field.

So what will be specs of the three lenses on HONOR Magic 2? Stay tuned!