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December 10, 2018

HONOR Magic2’s Nine Black Techs

On Oct. 31, the highly acclaimed HONOR Magic series eventually welcome the updates. As the latest mobile phone, HONOR Magic2 owns 9 black techs, but what breakthroughs on earth do those techs come up with? This article will show you the details.

HONOR Magic2

Smart Assistant YOYO, a growing private assistant

Thanks to Kirin 980’s strong computing power in supporting graphic calculation and AI algorithm, YOYO owns the capabilities of computer visual, natural semantic understanding, deeper learning, decision system, referral system and other AI functions. With the designs by HONOR engineers, YOYO gets involve in your daily life by acting the role of interpreter, shopping guide, nutritionist, beautician and so on, so-called all-round assistant.

Kirin 980, the top chip without question

New Kirin flagship chip 980 further won six No.1 glorious titles including “the global first 7nm chip”.

Kirin Chip’s powerful computing capability and sustainable upgrades are quite trustworthy. The smooth running system and massive mobile gaming experiences now can be only counted as the most basic abilities. The integrated dual-NPU Chip is the legend unit to upgrade the intelligent and graphic calculation capabilities to a new high with the later one up by 120%.

Double SIM card VoLTE call data concurrent technology as unique creation with exclusive ownerships.

HONOR Magic2 loads double SIM card VoLTE call data concurrent technology. No required to know more details, and you only need to remember the following bones: With this technology, Magic2 enables the communication between two SIM cards not impacted by each other, for instance, when one SIM is in call and connects to the Internet, the other card can simultaneously connect through calls and Internet.

AI dual frequency intelligence navigation to accurately restore paths.

Magic2 loads the global pioneering AI dual frequency intelligence navigation system, which uplifts the industry dual frequency accuracy by 100%and authentically makes your mobile activities visible and accurately accessible.

40W super quick charging, fast and safe.

HONOR Magic2 loads 40W super quick charging, but how speedy can it reach?
There is a group of astonishing figures: Charge 50% in 15 Min, 85% in 0.5H,considered as fast charging speed detectable by bare eyes.
Of course, besides the fast speed, safety is more essential. Magic2 loaded super quick charging technology has been accredited by TUV Rhineland Safe and Quick Charging certification 2.0 as the first one to meet the qualifications.

3D bionic photosensitive technology to unlock at night in a secure and reliable manner

Under the slide cover of HONOR Magic2, there hides another black technology: 3D bionic photosensitive technology. It can build face model through structured light to ensure adequately safe usage experiences, and it can penetrate the night, which means, even without light, it can rapidly proceed with unlocking process with the speed reaching up to 500 milliseconds. This technology has been accredited by CTTL Highest Face Security Certification.

Global pioneering 1.7Gbps Wi-Fi downloading rate, all concluded in one word, fast!

HONOR Magic2 even realizes a new high on Mobile Wi-Fi downloading rate, 1.7Gbps.

Graphene heat dissipation guarantees full capacity of usage without heat.

HONOR Magic2 applies the most advanced graphene heat dissipation technology. As a new material, grapheme surpasses all the materials loaded by traditional mobile like copper tube and graphite flake. With the grapheme’s advantages, you are able to leverage 100% capacity of Kirin 980 and play it to the full, no need to worry about you mobile becoming overheated.
The above are all the nine black techs loaded in HONOR Magic2, which cover all the core experiences a detailed feel extended on one mobile product. It upgrades the Smartphone technology to a record high.