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December 10, 2018

HONOR Magic2’s 6 Highlights wins your heart

HONOR Magic2, compared to HONOR Magic, concerns more about the future envisions by introducing more unexpected features and properties. In my views, Magic2 is more grounded with its magic features, but as for whether it can win your heart, please follow me to explore more highlighted experiences. This article will show you HONOR Magic’s 6 highlights.

HONOR Magic2

Highlight 1: 3D Curve + Vacuum coating+ Gradient colors

HONOR Magic2 features 3D curve glass body, metal center frame+ curve glass, rounded and close-fit comfortable handheld feel without abrupt fingerprint unlocking in the back excepting three-photography. With a weight of 206g only, you may control it easily single-handed.

Highlight 2: super wide-angle 24-megapixels AI three-camera

When hold the mobile in the horizontally direction to take photos, HONOR’s logo, flashlight and three-photography will line up, and the unique HONOR Card camera really makes you feel refreshing. The combo of 24-megapixels black and white lens + 16-megapixels color lens +16-megapixels 117°super wide-angle lens, serves as the most luxurious configuration we can find in HONOR up till now.

Front 16-megapixels +20-megapixels infrared+20-megapixels infrared together with cameras and Flash LED and some other units are all set in the bottom of slide cover, and the earphone is designed to be fit with a small hole in the upper level of screen for effective dust prevention and smoothness of back earphone. HONOR Magic2 has a proper damping feel, although I have tried many times to open and close it, it does not indicate any cheap loose instances. So, I believe it is capable of enduring long-time use challenges.

HONOR Magic2 owns a sophisticated mechanic and original butterfly five-rail screen structure. Integrating close-set five sections of slide rail structures in compacted interior space, with 4 rails divided into two vertically-lined groups nested inside each other to compose dual-drive power structures, ensures the whole mobile’s high intensity and more closely coupled in its structure; and setting micro auxiliary slide rails in the head units zone complements the dual-drive power structure, and further ensures the whole mobile’s close-fit and smooth sliding use experience.

Highlight 3: nearly 100% screen ratio

Front 6.39-inches super big screen matches with nearly 100% ultra-narrow frame, such an impressive configuration definitely outshines other products in the mobile market. With 2340*1080 resolution AMOLED full-screen design, 19.5:9 super screen ratio, 91.5% screen-to-body ratio and color saturation high up to 112 (typical value), no matter watch videos or play games, you will surely have an enjoyable and carefree use experience.

The left and right frame narrowed to 1.8mm, upper frame narrowed to 2.9mm and lower frame 3.95mm together with not following common trends by not opening holes + no notch, all the above features are worthy to be encouraged, which is only intended for creating more purely incredible visual experiences.

Highlight 4: In-screen optical fingerprint + 3D bionic photosensitive

HONOR Magic2 adopts in-screen optical fingerprints, and its unlocking operation seems quite speedy, only taking 0.5s to respond. I even tried inverting the screen to do the unlocking, and it proves to work smoothly without fuss. HONOR Magic2 also provides 3D face unlocking function so that you could complete the unlocking process only in the transient moment of raising the hands, and even if you invert the screen by 360 degree, it still works well. You can quickly unlock the mobile even in the dark.

Thanks to its A screen self-luminous and power saving merits, HONOR Magic2 supports AI recognition motion and gestures when the screen is off, smart displaying unlocking zones and indication of time/date and power volume.

Highlight 5: 3500 mAh big battery with contrasting slim handheld feel

At the bottom from left to right respectively locates the speaker, Type C port and Mic pickup hole. 3.5mm port is canceled, but in its accessories you will find a Type C-3.5mm adapter, good enough to satisfy the desire of wire headphone fans.

Two-in-one SIM/TF card slot design is deployed in the left together with Volume+- and Power buttons, which are fastly resumed to the position when press down with proper press key distance. Then antenna is allocated at the left/right side, and seems very harmonious without abrupt feel. Although it takes the slide cover design, 3500 mAh big battery design with contrasting 8.24mm body thickness can still be accepted by most users.

The whole set of product package includes HONOR Magic2, 40W quick charging wire and charging head as well as Type C-3.5mm adapter wire, Marketing Sheet and Operating Instruction.

Highlight 6: 40W fast charging + Graphene tech

HONOR Magic2 loads global first 7nm Kirin 980 flagship chip to combine with 6 GB big memory design, new Magic UI2.0 Smart System, excellent software and hardware plus power saving tech. Even for heavy use, the battery still sustains its active status for more than one day. HONOR Magic supports 40W quick charging with 50% power charged within 15Min, 85% within 30Min; also it firstly uses new material “black gold” grapheme, which has 3 Million layers in only 1nm with the strength of 200 times compared to that of steel; graphene’s highly effective heat conduction property help the mobile body to disperse the heat in a more speedy manner, a secure and life protection solution for its battery to help Kirin 980 chip demonstrate the best operation status all the time.

HONOR Magic2, both in appearance quality level and detail craftsmanship quality like slide cover, can always be credited as one of Top-level products among China-made mobile phones. Its global first 7nm Kirin 980 skillfully maintains the balance of performance, remedying the shortcomings found in the previous generations. No matter you are keen on the appearance or the performance, it is definitely worthy to be selected by you.