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October 1, 2018

HONOR's Best Affordable Smartphone

There are many HONOR smartphones you can easily afford. Even though the price is affordable, the smartphone do not look cheap. If you are looking for a best affordable smartphone, you have come to the right place. We spent time seriously to select 6 smartphones for you to choose from. Not just the price is affordable, the handsets’ performance, design, display, camera and battery life all do good job. Although you pay less, you can also have a phone that works great. Certainly, we think the best affordable smartphone is HONOR View 10, but you can also choose others according to your own preference.

Now let’s read the details of the 6 smartphones. First we’d like to show you the price.

Product Price
HONOR View 10 (HONOR 10 6B+128GB) £329.99
HONOR 7X (HONOR 7X 64G) £229.99
HONOR 7S (HONOR 7S 16G) £99.99
HONOR 9 Lite (HONOR 9 Lite 32G) £179.99
HONOR 7A (HONOR 7A 2G+16G) £129.99
HONOR 7C (HONOR 7C 32G) £159.99

It is easy to find that all of the above smartphones are under £350, with a starting price of £99.99. Since the price is sensible, how about the performance? You will be surprised by the well design, wonderful camera and tons of magical features offered by these phones. Now let’s introduce each of them.

1. HONOR View 10
With a 16MP+20MP rear camera and a 13 MP front camera, HONOR View 10 allows you to take sharp and vivid photos and videos with one click. The 5.99 inch display brings you a large viewing experience. Powered by the Octa-Core Kirin 970 processor, this handsets allows you to use it in a smooth and fast way. You do not need to worry about its battery life since the 3750mAh battery allows you a heavy use for more than a whole day, typically longer than other smartphones. The 6GB RAM and 128 ROM allows your smartphone to run faster than others handsets. Moreover, it supports face and fingerprint unlock, and can recognize you with one blink. Is it powerful? Yes, it is. The price at £329.99 is also affordable. We recommend it because we think it is HONOR’s best affordable smartphone in the price range of less than £350.

honor’s best affordable smartphone

Priced at £229.99, HONOR 7X is also affordable. The 18:9 full view display maximize your view on the go. The dual-lens 16MP + 2MP rear camera satisfy your need to take photos or selfies. 4GB ROM+64GB RAM storage with a powerful chipset enhanced the use experience. What’s more, the typical 3340mAh battery allows you to use it normally for a whole day without worries. In conclusion, HONOR 7X is the great smartphone affordable in the mid-range.

honor’s best affordable smartphone

3. HONOR 7S:
Priced at £99.99, HONOR 7S is a real budget. The 13.8cm size, 1440x720 resolution, 18:9 aspect ratio, 13MP rear camera and so on allow you to use it normally in daily life. Although you pay just £99.99, you can use it for a normal use.

honor’s best affordable smartphone

4. HONOR 9 Lite
Priced at £179.99, HONOR 9 Lite is an affordable handset for any budget. It has a rear 13MP+2MP dual-lens camera, which can take a vivid and natural pictures with one click. Moreover, the advanced wide-aperture mode enables you to refine the focus after taking photo. HONOR 9 Lite allows you to capture your life’s moments with greater accuracy and artistry. The 18:9 full view display provides you a wonderful view experience.

honor’s best affordable smartphone

Priced at £129.99, HONOR 7A is also an affordable smartphone. Its 13MP ultra-sharp dual lens camera, 8MP front camera allows you to take clear and beautiful photos and selfies. Moreover, it also supports face and fingerprint unlock for your convenience.

honor’s best affordable smartphone

Priced at £159.99, HONOR 7C is the last budget phone we’d like to introduce to you. The HONOR 7C has 13MP + 2MP dual-lens camera and also supports both face and fingerprint unlock. The battery can also be used for a whole day’s normal use.

honor’s best affordable smartphone

Therefore, the above 6 smartphones we collected are all affordable ones The best one is HONOR View 10, which do better work with its advanced features like higher MP, larger display and storage, longer battery life, and more advanced Octa-Core Kirin 970 processor. If your money is allowed, you can choose this smartphone. Certainly, which one you will choose also depend on your own special requirement. The other 5 handsets can be alternatives too.