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March 8, 2020

HONOR Band 5 and HONOR Band 5 Sport, which should you choose?

Fitness trackers are no longer a rare sight among digital natives, and for your convenience, it also varies in terms of price and functionality, whether it acts as a guide to your workout sessions, tracking your sleep or improving your overall wellbeing. However, finding the right fitness tracker isn’t about getting the one with the most advanced features but also matching what you need the most.

HONOR Band 5 and Band 5 Sport, which should you choose?

So, eat, sleep, walk, exercise, and repeat with the most suitable fitness band on your wrist. The HONOR Band 5 Series fitness trackers are designed to be the most versatile devices, whether you are a workout newbie, gym junkie, runner or swimmer, there is always one just for you!

HONOR Band 5 and Band 5 Sport, which should you choose?

HONOR Band 5: Your first fitness tracker

HONOR Band 5 features:

● AMOLED Touch Display
● 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
● Accurate Sleep Insight
● Multiple Sport Modes (running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc.)
● 14 Days Standby
● Various Watch Face
● SpO2 monitoring & Swim Stroke Recognition

Your first fitness tracker doesn’t need to be the fanciest decorated with cutting-edge functions but the one that suits your current needs. A very important question to ask yourself before choosing a fitness tracker is what you are using it for? To keep track of your heart rate, record your physical activity data, count your 10,000 steps or monitor your sleep quality? The HONOR Band 5 is capable of performing all these duties with a more accurate data collection.

HONOR Band 5 and Band 5 Sport, which should you choose?

Take the sleep monitoring feature as an example, the HONOR Band 5 collects your sleep data through you movement and provides a detailed insight into your sleep quality including your overall sleep performance, the duration of different sleep stages (deep sleep, light sleep, REM, and awake), as well as some professional advices to help improve your sleep quality. 24/7 hours heart rate monitoring is also very precise on the HONOR Band 5 in comparison to its competitors. With multiple fitness mode options, a vivid AMOLED display and various watch face choices, the HONOR Band 5 has made itself a preferred option in its segment.

HONOR Band 5 Sport: Your professional fitness coach

HONOR Band 5 Sport Variant:

● Flexible Wrist Mode and Foot Mode
● Running form tracking (Foot mode)
● Courtside Sport Performance Tracking (Foot mode)
● Daily Activity Tracking and Monitoring
● 50m Water Resistant
● 2 Weeks Battery Life
● Recycled Braided Strap
● Sleep Tracking

HONOR Band 5 and Band 5 Sport, which should you choose?

If you work out on a regular basis and planning on improving your overall performance, then you may prefer a more professional fitness band which tracks your exercise data more precisely and offers decent advices and analysis based on the data it collects, then look no further than the HONOR Band 5 Sport variant.

The HONOR Band 5 Sport is a smart band that supports Wrist mode and Foot mode, and integrates smart features like professional running mode and courtside sport monitoring. Also, it helps you learn about your sleep status, achieve better running results, and minimize injury risks.

HONOR Band 5 and Band 5 Sport, which should you choose?

The professional running mode or courtside mode will be triggered once you clip the tracker to your shoe. In running mode, the HONOR Band 5 Sport supports the monitoring of the following seven running form data: cadence, step length, ground contact time, foot strike pattern, landing impact, eversion excursion, and swing angle.

While in courtside sport mode, it tracks the basic (calories burnt, distance, and step count), courtside sports specific data (jump height, number of jumps, average hang time, moving speed, and maximum sprint speed), and scores of various single items (moving, sprint, jump, acceleration, explosiveness). Last but not least, the Sport variant get a huge improvement in the battery capability which supports up to 2 weeks typical use and 21 ultra-long standby.

So, which would you prefer? The chic HONOR Band 5 or professional the HONOR Band 5 Sport, and why?