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November 19, 2018

HONOR 8X: The First HONOR Phone with 90% Screen to Body Ratio

Do you remember the HONOR 6X’s dual camera and the HONOR 7X’s full view screen? The HONOR X series is destined to be extraordinary every year. Naturally, the HONOR 8X has something different this year. It intends to break through the original limit and creates a new product with a dual upgrade of configuration and technology.


King of Trendy Design

The HONOR 8X doesn’t continue the aluminum body design of the previous generation, but uses a new double-textured glass splicing design, 15 layers of craftsmanship plus sparkling 2.5D glass, redefining the beauty of the glass body.

In appearance, the HONOR 8X can't wait to break the tradition and unveil the prelude to its own light and shadow story.

king of trendy design

The HONOR 8X’s fuselage inherits the classic texture of the HONOR flagship phone, reflecting the beautiful and varied aurora in different light. And the more complicated interlaced texture on the left side makes the light and shadow soft and noble. The 20MP dual-lens AI camera shines on this side.

On the same flat surface, light flows through two textures slowly. And the light and shadow is novel and natural. In the light and shadow, the HONOR 8X finds a deep balance of beauty.

King of Screen-to-Body Ratio

Last year, the HONOR 7X had spread the full view screen to affordable machine. This year, the HONOR 8X is bound to open the era of phone with 90% screen to body ratio.

What is the king of screen? The 6.5-inch Full view screen is inserted into a 5.5-inch mobile phone, and the bottom edge of the mobile phone is narrowed down to 4.25mm with a flagship packaging process, making the screen-to-body ratio of the whole phone up to 91%. This is the screen experience brought by the HONOR 8X.

king of screen to body ratio

With great vision, it is easy to watch movies. The video performance-enhancing features of HONOR 8X can be adaptive to make professional performance optimization, improving display details and getting more senses of hierarchy whether you are in the light or in the dark.

However, the screen comfort is much more important than a good-looking appearance. The HONOR 8X series has used the leading TÜV Rheinland certified blue light eye comfort mode of the industry on mobile phones for the first time, effectively reducing blue light radiation and adaptively adjusting color temperature. It can be comfortable to watch movies for ten hours a day.

Although 91% screen-to-body ratio has an obvious advantage over other mobile phones, it is just a beginning for the HONOR 8X with flagship hardware configuration.

The HONOR 8X’s Kirin 710 chipset has the same large core A73 with the Kirin 970, making the performance upgraded again. With the built-in GPU Turbo technology, the game performance is amazing, and the operation is also evidently smooth.

Besides, the HONOR 8X has another powerful technology, AI + communication. This is the first mobile phone combined AI and communication of its brand.

The main advantages of AI communication are its four functions, AI anti-counterfeiting base station, AI high-speed rail mode, AI elevator mode and AI call noise reduction.

In the past, mobile phone anti-counterfeiting base stations could only use 2G network. Nowadays, they have upgraded to 4G network anti-counterfeiting base stations, which can almost completely eliminate all Trojan links and open a safe umbrella for personal property.

HONOR 8x with 90% screen to body ratio

When you are on the high-speed rail, the mobile phone can intelligently identify which line it is, and activate the high-speed rail mode to optimize the communication capability of the base station along the line. The AI elevator mode is also like this. When the mobile phone recognizes that you are taking the elevator, it will intelligently enhance the signal and recover 4G network in as little as 3 seconds.

It can be said that the HONOR 8X has launched the AI communication revolution of mobile phones, opened the era door that mobile phones are with 90% screen-to-body ratio, the rear of the 20 MP AI double camera, Kirin 710 chipset + GPU Turbo, etc.

Its flagship -level of hardware and software configuration seems to announce its status as a flagship. And with such a budget price, HONOR 8X must be able to easily stand in an invincible position in the fierce competition.