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February 20, 2020

Do you know why your phone battery is aging?

Do you know why your phone battery is aging?

The aging of the battery is inevitably started when it is produced. Battery life (capacity) is related to the battery usage process (battery charging and discharging). With the increase of used time of the battery, the battery capacity decreases normally. Generally, the number of charge-discharge cycle is 700-800. A charge-discharge cycle is the action of charging the battery from 0% to 100% and discharging it from 100% to 0%.

Do you know why your phone battery is aging?

In the above figure, the ordinate is the capacity percentage, and the abscissa is the number of charge and discharge cycles. As the number of charge and discharge cycles increases, the battery capacity gradually decreases.

One of the factors that affects battery life is depth of discharge (DOD). The figure below illustrates the Dynamic Stress Test (DST), which shows the capacity loss when circulating lithium ions at various charging and discharging depths. When a fully charged (100%) lithium-ion battery is discharged to 25% (purple), it will result in maximum capacity loss. If fully discharged (0%), the loss will be even higher. The cycle from 85% to 25% (green) provides longer life than the battery that is charged to 100% and discharged to 50% (light blue). To minimize capacity loss, it is recommended to charge to 75% and discharge to 65%.

Do you know why your phone battery is aging?

Another major factor that affects battery life is temperature. The ideal charging environment temperature of battery is 0℃ to 45℃, and the ambient temperature of discharge (usage) is -20℃ to 60℃. When the temperature is out of the range, you are advised to stop charging and discharging to avoid damaging the battery. When the external temperature and the use of phone cause the battery temperature to be overheat, it will affect or even damage the internal chemical structure of the battery and shorten the battery life.

Do you know why your phone battery is aging?

PS: The above data is for reference only. The actual data might vary based on different pre-conditions.

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