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February 21, 2020

Dark Mode in HONOR's Magic UI 3.0: A Bright New Feature for Night Users

For better or for worse, modern living revolves around the smartphone. This is true in all scenarios, and at all hours. Even at midnight in a dark room, many of us can't resist the impulse to continue playing around on our phones. Though some people may grow accustomed to the glare from the screen after a short while, many of us find that the illuminated display is constantly irritating on the eyes. Regardless of how low you adjust the screen brightness level, it still sticks out like a sore thumb, rather than blending in with the dark surroundings.

That's the issue Dark mode — Magic UI 3.0's new feature — addresses in a completely novel way. However, the solution is not nearly as straightforward as it appears to be: Dark mode on EMUI 10 doesn't simply change the background from light to dark, or invert the color of everything on screen (making the background pitch-black and text white), as you might expect.

Dark Mode in HONOR's Magic UI 3.0: A Bright New Feature for Night Users

Instead, basing their conclusions on extensive human factors research, an in-depth look at how best to design electronics in accordance with human behavior and cognition, HONOR designers determined that our eyes perceive the brightness and saturation for the same color differently when it is set against light and dark backgrounds. That's why, in Dark mode, on-screen text has been carefully rendered in a kind of light gray. This soft tone forms an optimal contrast against the dark background, ensuring consistent visual comfort and readability. Likewise, system icons and elements are furnished in subtle hues, with fine-tuned adjustments, so that the nighttime display stands out in brilliant color, but without the slightest glare.

The night may have "a thousand eyes", but you can rest assured that your phone treats the pair of eyes that matters most — those that you depend on — with the utmost care.