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October 24, 2018

5 Features of HONOR 10's AI Camera

HONOR 10's AI Camera

The HONOR 10 can do an amazing magic trick. It can take an ordinary person and, before your very eyes, turn them into an expert photographer!

Now there's no excuse for bad photos of good memories. The HONOR 10 can capture it all and then some more. Keep reading to find out five features it can bring to your life.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI to us, is something that is very hot right now. Tech startups all over the world are piling billions into developing technology to help computers think for themselves. Their main aim might be worthy technology like self-driving cars, automated decision-making and the like, but it has had an amazing side-effect.

Like the space race many decades ago, where technology developed by bodies such as NASA found other uses in normal everyday objects, AI has proved to be a fantastic addition to smartphones, where it can help us to do things better, simpler and faster. One fantastic example of this is the new HONOR 10's AI camera.

Join us in celebrating five fantastic features of the HONOR 10's AI camera.

1. It's got a brain

HONOR 10's AI Camera - NPU

The HONOR 10 is the smartphone camera that will revolutionise photography and here's why. The HONOR 10 boasts a special chip called a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). It's a part of the HONOR 10's brain that helps it to process real-world things, such as photographing scenes.

2. It looks at things the way you do

HONOR 10's AI Camera - scenes recognition1

The built-in AI can recognise over 500 scenes and adjust how it processes your shots accordingly. This means that, whether you're taking a shot of a majestic mountain or an atmospheric lake, the HONOR 10 will be able to recognise what it is and make it look just as good as the real thing (if not even better).

3. It can tell the difference

HONOR 10's AI Camera - scenes recognition2

But what about if you're taking a picture of a lake AND a mountain? What will it do then? Well, the clever engineers at HONOR have thought of that. The NPU is capable of recognising the individual elements within a scene and adjusting each bit individually, so you no longer have to choose whether you want the lake or the mountain to look great. With the HONOR 10, it all looks fantastic!

4. It does amazing portraits

HONOR 10's AI Camera - portraits

The dual-lens system features an aperture of just f/1.8, which is better than the lenses found on a lot of standalone professional cameras. It also allows you to take shallow focus pictures with a deep bokeh effect. Stunning portraits, flowers and wildlife? Absolutely!

5. It, like, totally takes the perfect selfie

HONOR 10's AI Camera – selfie light

Let's face it, selfies are important these days. Whether you've just caught sight of your fave celeb, you're having an amazing time out with the girls, or you've finally conquered that 10K run, you want to look your best self when you post it out on social media. Relax, the HONOR 10 is your new BFF. With its incredible resolution of 24MP, the HONOR 10 puts that advanced AI to work on the front camera, too. It harnesses its processing power to apply AI Portrait Mode to your selfies. You can add 3D Portrait Lighting effects to create different moods. Soften the light, go for a gritty, stark look, or create the sort of retro halo lighting used by photographers to the stars in years gone by. It's all just a touch away in the HONOR 10. Add to that the 4-in-1 fusion lighting system, and you can take stunning selfies, even in low light. Picture perfect.