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January 7, 2019

48 MP Camera Phone HONOR View20-The First 2019 Flagship

HONOR View20, HONOR’s first flagship smartphone in 2019 will soon launch globally at an event in Paris on January 22.

HONOR view20 – 48 mp camera phone

The HONOR View20 is special for a few reasons: it is the first smartphone to equip the 48 MP camera, opening a new era of smartphone photography, it offers a new HONOR FullView Display with in-screen front camera design, achieved by an extremely complex 18-layer technology stack that carefully embeds the front camera in the display area of the screen, extends the display area to almost 100%, and it is powered by Kirin 980, the world's first commercial mobile phone SoC chipset made with TSMC's 7 nm process, integrating 6.9 billion transistors to improve both performance and energy efficiency.

Why I need a 48 MP Camera Phone?

This is because an enormous new 48-megapixel camera and new depth sensor promises better, sharper photos.

Only a few months ago, Sony Corporation announced the release of the IMX586 stacked CMOS image sensor for smartphone cameras. The new sensor features 48 effective megapixels, the industry’s highest pixel count till now, and a pixel count which rivals that of high-performance SLR cameras, making it possible to capture beautiful, high-resolution images even with a smartphone.

Does the 48 MP Camera Phone Provides Everything I Need for Taking professional photos?

With the 48 MP phone camera, it is not enough to take a good looking photo. The graphic processing on the chipset is also a must. The Sony IMX586 CMOS technology, coupled with the AI computing power and graphic processing power enabled by the dual-ISP and dual-NPU of Kirin 980 chipset, will automatically perform multi-frame image processing, allowing the users to collate the essence in multiple photos taken by the 48MP camera and create a 48MP AI high-definition image. HONOR View20 provides users with unmatched photo quality and clarity, rivaling high-end single-lens reflex cameras.

running photo

The Kirin 980 can quickly adapt to AI scenes such as face recognition, object recognition, object detection, image segmentation and intelligent translation with the power of a dual-core NPU achieving 4500 images per minute which is an improved 120% recognition speed. So whether it's dancing to a fast song or quickly running in front of the camera, the Kirin 980 can focus on the joints and lines of the human body in real time. The powerful object detection capabilities can also accurately identify a variety of objects. The Kirin 980 sets the foundation for future AI capabilities by providing complete framework support and rich tool keys for App developers.

Looking forward to this 48 MP camera phone? Stay tuned!