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July 24, 2020

HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #1 - In the Café

Dear HONOR Fans,

Friends, pals, mates, buddies: those you can rely on, those who help you out in different situations, and those you love to share great times with. Friends come in many different forms, maybe they’re from school or work, maybe you met online, or maybe they are wireless and have Active Noise Cancellation Technology! Wherever you are, whatever the situation, the HONOR Magic Earbuds, available to buy now on HIHONOR, are by your side to make life easier: They're Your Best Buds in Every Scenario.

Hopefully, over the next few weeks and months as lockdown measures are gradually lifted, our lives can slowly get back to normal and we can get back to living life to the fullest! Over the next week we would like to generate some discussion onhow the HONOR Magic Earbuds can benefit you in a range of everyday situations:

In the Café - On the Train - At the Gym - At Home

First up – the Café. Whether you’re going to catch-up with friends, to get some work done, or to have a quiet escape with a cuppa on your lunchbreak, the versatility and functionality of the HONOR Magic Earbuds can help!

Take a look at the HONOR Fans in the Café below:

HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #1 - In the Café

• Dan, in the white cap, is a Freelancer. He has several clients but no office, so he needs to be able to work even in buzzing environments. He opens up his laptop and connects to the wifi, but before he starts typing he holds his finger to his Earbuds for two seconds and hears: “Noise Cancelling ON”. He presses play on his phone and the ambient house music he loves drowns out the chatter of the customers. He’s ready to work.

• When Jen, in the green, came in she was wondering what to get. The barista asked her order and she had her Earbuds in, with the music playing, and her phone in her bag. But there was no need to take out the headphones, or fumble in the bag to press pause. She double-tapped the Earbuds and the music stopped. “An iced latte macchiato with almond milk please”. Treat yourself Jen.

• Alice, in white, loves Podcasts. Her friends don’t and that’s ok, so she comes to the Café a couple of times a week for a little Alice-time. She orders a carrot cake, and goes to nestle in to the cosy cushions. She presses play on a new episode. Fork in in hand. ANC on. Pure bliss.

• Andy, in the yellow jumper, is waiting for a friend. They were supposed to meet at 2pm and it’s quarter past now. A call comes in and he hears it ringing in his ears and he gets excited. He taps accept and hears his friend’s voice in crystal-clear audio, cutting through the clanging of cups and saucers: “Sorry mate, can’t make it today after all”. Poor Andy. At least he has his Earbuds.

We hope you enjoyed being a fly on the wall in the HONOR Café!
The HONOR Magic Earbuds are available to buy now on HIHONOR here for just £89.99!

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So, with that in mind, we want to know :
Can you see yourself in any of these situations?

Can you think of any other ways your faithful friends, the HONOR Magic Earbuds, could help you there?
Let us know below and stay tuned for our next instalment coming soon!

Source:HONOR Community