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July 25, 2020

HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #2 - On the Train

Last week we kicked off our new series HONOR Magic Earbuds: Your Best Buds in Every Scenario, highlighting how your Earbuds can help you in different everyday situations.This week, we’re continuing this theme and hoping to generate some discussion on the topic so get creative in the comments!

Today we’re focusing on another setting that we will hopefully all be frequenting a bit more very soon: The Train! Whether you’re on your daily commute or going to visit friends in the country for the weekend, the HONOR Magic Earbuds can make your trip a breeze.

Check out how the Earbuds are helping the HONOR Fans on the crowded and noisy train below:

[Discussion] HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #2 - On the Train

Liz, in the orange hat, has packed her bag full of daily essentials: a jacket, snacks, her laptop and phone, and their chargers. She also popped in the tiny charging case for the HONOR Magic Earbuds, and can now enjoy over 12hrs playback, with no wires and no fuss.

Thomas, in the green, is on the way to Uni and is doing some cramming. He puts on a concentration music playlist, turns on the ANC, and starts reading over his notes. Almost as good as the library!

[Discussion] HONOR Magic Earbuds - Your Best Buds in Every Scenario! #2 - On the Train

Graham, in the brown shirt, is on his way to work and has to do an important presentation. There was no room on the crowded train to sit down and open his laptop, but luckily he has the pitch recorded on his phone, so he can listen back and memorise it through his HONOR Magic Earbuds! Clever!

Fingers crossed from this snapshot you can see how the HONOR Magic Earbuds can be really helpful on a loud and busy train journey. But there are many other commuters on the train who could use them too!

Can you think up a story for some of the other passengers? Or can you picture yourself in this scene? Let's get some chat going in the comments below!

Check out our previous post about how the HONOR Magic Earbuds can be Your Best Buds in the Café. The HONOR Magic Earbuds are available to buy now on HIHONOR here for just £89.99!

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