You can play with different ideas and construct your ideal watch style, and the Watch Race Track will produce the design of the dial and strap.

Dial Design: In addition to the traditional pointers or digital time display, you can also add data display such as date, week, steps, heart rate and calorie consumption. Data and progress bar display methods are supported here.

Strap Design: You can add flat patterned designs to the existing strap, or design a new strap structure based on the shape of the watch. This is not limited to the original appearance, material and color of the strap, and you can use 3D modeling and rendering to fully express your ingenuity.

Contestants participating in the Watch Race Track are required to design and upload the following:


1. Watch Design

Add filters to your time through the visual design of the dial and strap.
Specifications: size 6,000 x 3,000 px, in JPG format, size ≤ 20M.


2. Overall Visual Design

The overall visual design elements will likely be applied to HONOR's products and merchandise.
Specifications: size 6,000 x 3,000 px, in JPG format, size ≤ 20M.

3. Animation Design

You can design the rotation of the clock hands and the transitions for the digital time to express the passage of time in your own way.
Specifications: size 1920 x 1080 px, in MP4/GIF format, size ≤ 20M.
Note: It is not necessary to upload content, but uploading the animation design can boost the innovativeness and technological sense of the work.

4. Design Elaboration

Use words and images to explain your design concept or creative story, so that consumers can better understand the idea behind your creation.
Specifications: A4 size, in PDF format, size ≤ 20M.

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