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October 12, 2023

HONOR Reveals Winners for HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023

The HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023 concluded with more than 500,000 submissions collected from over a 6-month period

[Shenzhen, China – October 12, 2023] Hosted by global technology brand HONOR, the HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023 concluded today, announcing a total of 59 winners this year, including Photographer of the Year, Champions, First Runners-up and Second Runners-up of six categories, as well as Recommendation Awards and Excellent Awards. The award received over 500,000 submissions from 51 countries and regions, with international entries accounting for over 20%. Latin American photographer Nelomh was honored with the Photographer of the Year award, receiving a cash prize of USD 15,000, the highest cash reward in the industry.

Nelomh Wins Photographer of the Year Award, Chosen from Among over 500,000 Submissions

In the span of over 120 days, the HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023 received over 500,000 submissions since it began accepting submissions on April 6, a 67% increase compared to the last year’s award. This year’s competition covered five major regions outside of China, including Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Eurasia. The number of international submissions exceeded 140,000, constituting 20% of the total. This year’s international candidates stood out for their prominent display of local ethnic cultural and regional feature images, giving rise to numerous exceptional works when compared to previous year.

The judging panel was composed of eight renowned photographers including World Press Photo (WPP) winner Iván Macías from Mexico, winner of the Golden Statue Award for China Photography Yan Zhigang, Zhao Yingxin, Editor-in-Chief of China Photo Press, Professor Franz Kraus, global renowed film technology expert, Laurent Baheux, wildlife photographer and a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Programme,Ale Megale, winner of the LUX European Audience Film Award, Samuel Deng, President of the R&D Management Department at HONOR, and Doctor Hou Weilong, an expert in HONOR imaging technology. Together, they meticulously selected 59 nominees. Among them, Nelomh from the Latin American region used HONOR Magic5 Pro to create his work “The Magic of Been,” winning Photographer of the Year and a cash prize of USD 15,000, which is the highest cash reward in the industry. 

HONOR Reveals Winners for HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023 "The Magic of Been" | Nelomh

Device: HONOR Magic5 Pro

Artist’s Commentary: My girlfriend loves the ocean, and I wanted to show how much she loves and enjoys the ocean through photos. Using the long exposure feature of the HONOR Magic5 Pro.

Judges' Comments: The photography of the year is visually extraordinary. It demonstrates the author's ability to have technical mastery of the camera, combined with extraordinary sensitivity and extraordinary eye. The composition and the moment captured are very good, the movement of the waves, the lines they generate, the person and the colors definitely create an exceptional photograph. - Ivan Macías

HONOR Reveals Winners for HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023

International Works Collection

Setting Up Six Major Categories; Capturing Humanistic Photographs

The HONOR Magic Moment Awards 2023 focuses on the humanistic aspect of photography, highlighting the stories and emotions behind photos. The awards offered six categories in this year’s iteration – On the Way, Protection, We, The Moment, The Story, and Video, encouraging smartphone users to explore and capture humanistic sentiments through photography.

Ale Megale expressed his genuine admiration for the extraordinary quality of the submissions in the HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023. He appreciated the exceptional skill and creativity of this year's participants, highlighting the potential of mobile photography as a powerful tool for artistic expression. The participants have elevated mobile photography, making the judging process an inspiring and rewarding experience.

"HONOR is committed to human-centric innovation, aiming to eliminate expression limitations with technology and helping users record beautiful moments in life. The HONOR Magic Moments Awards aims to establish a global platform for photography enthusiasts to communicate and interact. In its third year, the competition has received over one million entries. We are honored to explore the possibilities of mobile photography with users worldwide and are delighted to see numerous stunning works created with HONOR smartphones," said Ray Guo, CMO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd.

HONOR Reveals Winners for HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023

Champions from Each Category

A user from Jiangsu, China, captured a three-year life story of her daughter using HONOR Magic3 Pro, HONOR Magic4 Pro, and HONOR Magic5, composing a "Love Symphony."

HONOR Reveals Winners for HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023

"Love Symphony" | Just Like That

Device: HONOR Magic3 Pro / HONOR Magic4 Pro / HONOR Magic5

Empowerment Through Continuous Innovation in Mobile Photography

HONOR remains committed to mobile photography, continuously empowering users' lives through innovative technology and experiences. The HONOR Magic3 Series pioneered multi-camera Fusion Computational Photography technology and the HONOR Magic4 Series upgraded this technology for a further enhanced photography experience. With the industry-leading HONOR Image Engine, the HONOR Magic5 Series achieves full-range coverage, from macro to zoomed shots. Additionally, with the light-sensitive HONOR Falcon Camera System, startup speed, focus speed, shutter response, and imaging speed are optimized, ensuring precise capture and delivering an excellent snapshot experience to participants.

HONOR Reveals Winners for HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023

HONOR Magic5 Series Works Collection

The Falcon Camera System was widely used in the works of this year's awards. Utilizing this system, participants were able to capture a wide range of snapshots, from a man diving in Chongqing to a dragon dance performance in Shanghai or an eagle soaring over the sea to playful sparrows on tree branches. The HONOR Magic5 Series proved to be a valuable tool for photographers in capturing these stunning shots.

For the full list of award-winning works, please visit the official website of the HONOR Magic Moments Awards 2023:


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