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October 25, 2018

Top HONOR Smartphones in 2018

With each successive year, HONOR is building up a name for itself with mid-priced smartphones that often have features normally associated with much more expensive models. While initially marketed to a young savvy generation, quick to take up new, advanced smartphone technology, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and 4D gaming, HONOR is increasingly finding awareness amongst all types of users, who recognise the good price/performance characteristics.

2018 has seen a range of new introductions under the HONOR brand, which build on the reputation of feature-rich phones at affordable prices.


top honor smartphones in 2018 – honor 10

Drawing on the foundation of earlier models, such as the HONOR 9, the HONOR 10 is probably the best mid-priced phone you can currently buy in 2018. Priced at around £369 it offers a display, camera and build quality that rival many more expensive phones. It includes Kirin 970 AI processor technology and a 24MP selfie camera that takes over the task of determining just the right settings for the perfect selfie fully automatically. Added to that are a dual sim and a very useful 128 GB of storage as standard, all packaged in a modern Aurora glass design.

HONOR View 10

top honor smartphones in 2018 – honor v10

The HONOR 10 View offers a slightly larger 5.99-inch screen than the HONOR 10, and focuses on greater use of AI to learn from your mobile use for a sustained, smooth smartphone experience. It also features an intelligent Game Suite, with Uninterrupted Gaming, Intelligent Networking and Gaming power mode options.


top honor smartphones in 2018 – honor play

With a 6.3-inch screen and stunning gaming performance, all for around £279, this is a solid recommendation for anyone looking for a serious gaming smartphone. It comes with much of the core technology of the HONOR 10, and like its more expensive brother, also includes GPU turbo for up to 60% better gaming performance. It does not have all the advanced AI photography features of the HONOR 10, but if this is not a top priority then the price performance of this phone will also make it highly attractive to ordinary smartphone users.

HONOR 9 Lite

top honor smartphones in 2018 – honor 9 lite

Building on the success of the HONOR 9, this version offers the Kirin 659 processor instead of the Kirin 960 in the latter, combined with 13MP-2MP dual cameras both front and rear and a full view 5.65-inch display. At around £170 it offers very good value for money.


top honor smartphones in 2018 – honor 9n

The HONOR 9N has similar features to HONOR 9 Lite, but has a mirror-like glass back and a larger 5.85-inch notched full view display with a 2280*1080 FHD+ resolution level. The front selfie camera is also 16MP.


top honor smartphones in 2018 – honor 8x

The HONOR 8X is only just becoming available in some countries, but is set to continue the HONOR theme of feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices. The most attractive feature is the large 6.5-inch full view and borderless display, with 1080P high definition. The virtually borderless design helps it maintain the same body size as a former 5.5-inch phone. It also has a glass body and a long-lasting 3750mAh battery. Added to this, it sports a 16MP selfie camera and GPU Turbo software for better gaming performance.