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我的荣耀 开启荣耀之旅

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March 1, 2019

HONOR 10 Lite X VICE Explore your natural beauty “Nice to Meet a New You”

Our everyday lives may not seem extraordinary. In fact, the mundanity of our daily routine may even prompt us to question our very identity. Too often our hopes, dreams, and aspirations are relegated to the bottom drawer. Forgotten. Instead, we fulfill roles imposed upon us by forces beyond our control.

HONOR’s latest collaboration with VICE provides a moment for reflection, self-discovery and profound revelations about our true personality. HONOR and VICE invite you on a journey with the HONOR 10 Lite, a stylish new smartphone, to meet the new you.

How exactly do you express your true self in style? HONOR and VICE call upon the world-renowned Milan-based fashion stylist and model Armela Jakova and ask her to take three daring creatives – Mattia Giordano, Ultra Posh, and Francesca Colucci – on a journey through Milan’s most iconic and fashionable neighborhoods before arriving at Harry’s Place, a bespoke atelier in the heart of the city, for a complete style makeover.

Millan’s trend-setting style icons, Armela, Mattia, Ultra Posh, and Francesca embrace the city’s diverse culture and style, with a light-hearted playfulness. The HONOR 10 Lite reflects Milan well. A cutting-edge, trend-setting, but welcoming city. A city that inspires independence and which equips the group with the courage to truly discover themselves. The group faithfully captures their beauty transformations and pair them with refreshed styles. HONOR 10 Lite is a striking statement piece, almost as if a natural extension of their bold personalities.

Re:Surface – Reveal the Best of You through the Extraordinary 24MP Selfie Camera

The selfie has become emblematic of our zeitgeist. Taking selfies with smartphones may be analogous to the narcissism, but Gen-Zers use the selfies as a means of self-expression and as such, creates a process of self-discovery. A celebration of the hidden beauty within us all. By sharing selfies across social media, younger generations dare to reveal the qualities bottled up in their everyday lives. A form of unhindered self-expression for their natural, inner-beauty.

The HONOR 10 Lite’s AI-powered 24MP front camera yields a superior selfie experience and captures true beauty at any moment, from any angle. Its wide f/2.0 aperture and AI beauty algorithm, which works by using 3D facial recognition to customize beauty effects based on age, gender and skin tone, to capture high-resolution group selfies and stunning urban shots of Milan’s tree-lined streetscapes. Armela, Mattia, Ultra Posh, and Francesca seize every opportunity to capture the moment, with stunning detail. The front facing camera optimizes each shot with an AI-powered algorithm, enhancing faces and background by modifying the dynamic exposure and applying color adjustment on the fly, according to one of eight different in-built scenarios, to create an effortlessly beautiful selfie.

Re:Create – Find your New Look with Sleek and Fashionable Designs

Youths have become the movers and shakers of world culture. Seizing power from brands and repurposing the tools around them to become emblematic of their unique fashion style. They no longer simply follow fashion guidelines, they rewrite them. They are the trends. And increasingly, they live at the intersection of art and culture, in their pursuit of beauty and authenticity. The HONOR 10 Lite is the perfect accessory for today’s youth, and the ability to create stunning self-portraits efficiently means no moment is ever interrupted. Culture and fashion styles can continue to be an effortless endeavor, enhanced, not hindered, by the very technology in their hands.

HONOR 10 Lite seamlessly merges technology and styles through its lustrous spectrum of colors. Drawing inspirations from nature, HONOR 10 Lite comes in Sky Blue and Shiny Red colors, along with the classic Sapphire Blue and Midnight Black. These colors gradually transition from light to dark on the rear for a design reminiscent of iridescent chic.

Armela chooses the phone as a statement accessory to pair with the striking outfits worn by Mattia, Ultra Posh, and Francesca, inspired by the fact that the luminous color gradient is a source of aspiration that guides them to find true beauty and meet the new version of themselves.

“We are thrilled to partner with VICE along with three trend-setting and youthful style icons, in a city that celebrates the absolute freedom of self-expression. Our collaboration once again highlights HONOR’s profound understanding of youth culture. By presenting the daring youths with HONOR 10 Lite, we play a crucial role in encouraging them to unveil their hidden beauty and meet their new ‘selves,’” said representative from HONOR.