Interactive Art Installation Design

The design of the art interactive installation should integrate the HONOR terminal products (such as the mobile phone, PC, Pad, watch, HONOR vision, etc.), which can be used as controllers, receivers, processors, displays, etc. Deeply combine the art installation with HONOR products.

1. Kinetic Effect of Interactive Art Installations

Show the integrity and interactive effect of your interactive art installation design.
Specifications: Screen recording or rendered video, in MP4/MOV format, size ≤ 500M.


2. Overall Visual Design

Select the most visually impactful images as the overall visual. The overall visual design elements will likely be applied to HONOR's products and merchandise.
Specifications: size 6,000 x 3,000 px, in JPG format, size ≤ 20M.

3. Design Elaboration & Device Implementation Explanation

Use words and images to explain your design concept or creative story, so that consumers can better understand the idea behind your creation.
Specifications: A4 size, in PDF format, size ≤ 100M.

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