• 1. The 1st prizes of the wallpaper category will be independently selected based on the following three rows:
    • Choose a season and create something surrounding its characteristics.

    • Design something based on the HONOR logo. You can either keep the order or rearrange the characters without changing their individual design.

    • Create designs based on the exterior design elements Frist Snow Crystal model of HONOR 50 Series.

  • 2. The entries will be subsequently applied to wallpaper interface and the phone case, the phone lock screen can have more rich details, phone case screen is relatively simple to highlight the key, please follow the template case size and phone size to design, in order to more complete expression of the work, the winner need to cooperate with the final mass production phone case for fine-tuning.

    3. When uploading your work, please fully explain your creative concept in the work description section.

    4. Please design and upload the following contents.
  • 1. Wallpaper design

    May be used as lock screen images/wallpapers or printed on phone cases.
    Specification: size: 6000×3000px, format: jpg, size ≤ 20M

  • 2. Main visual design image

    Design elements may be used on HONOR products and peripherals.
    Specification: size: 6000×3000px, format: jpg, size ≤ 20M.

  • 3. Animation design

    You can design Always On Display animations, other interactive effects, or screen dynamic effects such as gentle breeze, flowing water, etc.
    Specification: 1920 × 1080, MP4/GIF, size ≤ 20M.
    Note: This content is not mandatory. If you wish to participate in the "Creative Animation Award", a creative video must be uploaded.

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