• Please design and upload the following contents.
  • 1. Themes design

    Specification: size: 6000×3000px, format: jpg, size ≤ 20M.

  • 2. Main visual design image

    Design elements may be used on HONOR products and peripherals.
    Specification: size: 6000×3000px, format: jpg, size ≤ 20M.

  • 3. Icon design

    Includes lock screen, first screen preview, icon preview, icon interface contains 13-20 icons.
    Please replace design contents according to the official material provided, there are no special requirements for icon layout.
    Specification: size: 3636 X 3000px, format jpg, size ≤ 20M.

  • 4. Animation design

    You can design Always On Display animations, other interactive effects, or screen dynamic effects such as gentle breeze, flowing water, etc.
    Specification: 1920 × 1080, MP4/GIF, size ≤ 20M.
    Note: This content is not mandatory. If you wish to participate in the "Creative Animation Award", a creative video must be uploaded.

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