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Dear HONOR fans,

This questionnaire is designed to understand your opinions on the HONOR 8X so that we can further improve the performance and user experience of HONOR X series products. All information collected in the questionnaire is for reference only and will not be used for any other commercial purposes.

Q1. Hobbies: (Multiple choices)

Q2. What do you usually use your phone for? (Multiple choices)

Q3. Which brand were you using before switching to the HONOR 8X?

Q4. How did you first learn about the HONOR 8X? (Multiple choices)

Q5. Where did you purchase your HONOR 8X?

Q6. What most influenced your decision to purchase the HONOR 8X? (Multiple choices)

Q7. What do you like the most about the HONOR 8X?

Q8. What do you dislike the most about the HONOR 8X?

Q9. If the HONOR 8X wasn't available, which brand would you have chosen instead?

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Terms and conditions

The HONOR 8X Survey activity (hereinafter referred to as the "Activity") is organized by Huawei Device Co., Ltd (the “Organizer”). Activity participants (the "Participants") take part in the Activity by submitting the survey. All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Activity Period

00:00 1st April, 2019 to 24:00 1st May, 2019 (GMT+8)

Activity Rules

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(1) The lucky prize for this Activity is an HONOR Bluetooth Speaker (“Prize”).
(2) The Prize will be won by One (1) winner for this Activity.
(3) The winner is determined by randomized draw conducted at [*8x-survey*]. The lucky draw is final. Winner will be announced on the activity page ( on 1st May, 2019 (HONOR will only announce user’s ID with encryption). The winner will be notified within [**] days after the Winner’s announcement made on the activity page.

Prize Distribution

1) The Prize is not exchangeable for cash or item, and are non-transferable.
2) The Prize will be shipped to the winner within thirty (30) working days.
3) The Organizer will assume all tariffs and express fees. If an award is not distributed to a winner due to the winner's fault, the winner shall be deemed as having waived the right to claim the award, such as the wrong shipping address, wrong phone number, etc.

The Organizer will monitor and review the submission. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude a participant who violates the conditions of participation or tampers with this Activity. If a participant is excluded, the Prize may be reclaimed by a new winner.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the Prize with prizes of similar value without prior notification at its sole and absolute discretion. Decisions by the Organizer will be final and no appeals will be entertained.

The winner shall accept the Prize as it is. The Organizer makes no representation, warranty or undertaking as to any implied terms and conditions with respect to the Prize in this Activity. The Organizer assumes no liability or responsibility in respect to defect or deficiency of the Prize or the nature/consumption of the Prize and will not entertain any direct correspondence with anyone in this regard.

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