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Honor engine earphones

  • A dazzling array of colors

    • Honor engine earphones PLUS striking multi-colored editions
  • A continuation of a classic, Beautiful ear-pleasing quality

    • Exquisite workmanship, fashionable design Quality from top materials
    • High quality cable allows qualities of music to shine
    • Finely crafted 3D damping system for high fidelity music reproduction
    • Harmonic distortion indicators meet international Hi-Fi standards
    • Distinct treble, mid-levels, and bass. Dynamic and transient sound makes listening more pleasing
  • Professional acoustic cavity optimized design An upgrade in sound quality

    • Optimized acoustic cavity improves mid-levels and bass performance, creating a balanced sound
    • Multiple-layered sound makes production of voices more natural
  • Composite diaphragm for a more appealing sound

     9.0 mm moving coil unit, precision tuning composite membrane and damping system,
    Multiple-hole speaker system responds rapidly to music without sounding muddy.

  • Full magnesium alloy body, More scratch resistant, improved texture

    • Upgraded scratch resistant 5056 magnesium alloy body
    • Matte surface dual color oxidation technology
    • High-end industry quality delivered through engine technology
    • Precision diamond cut, curved, all in one body
    • Ultimate listening with a strong sense of quality
  • All new ergonomic earbud design brings an upgrade in comfort

    ● Comes with 3 sizes of ergonomic earbuds with better sealing and vastly improved sound quality

    ● Environmentally-friendly silicone earbuds for improved comfort.

  • Dual layer dual color 3D cable delivers Hi-Fi sound quality and is comfortable to the touch

    ● Dual layer dual color cable with a 3D feel and improved tensile strength does not bend or break easily.

    ● Cable is lightweight, durable, and tangle resistant.

    ● Clever woven structure significantly reduces stethoscope effect.

    ● 30 strands of 99.996% purity oxygen-free copper wire deliver high quality conduction.

    ● Core insulation processing technology produces a beautiful sound.

  • All-new gold plated plug, An upgrade in quality, an upgrade in conduction

    • Anti-oxidization, built-in user-friendly insulation design, scratch and short circuit protection
    • Longer plug has better service life and reduced signal losses
    • A return to true music, better compatibility
  • Three Button In-line Remote

     Comfortable to the touch, convenient to use

  • Honor quality, a brand to trust

    Complies with International Electrotechnical Commission standards IEC581-10 and IEC60268-7,the EU standard EN50332-2

    and other major international standards.Has passed strict tests including high and low temperature testing. Cable and all

    components have passed stretch and sweat/liquid testing.Product is safe, reliable, durable, and trustworthy. CE approved.