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Activity Period: 18:00 10th January, 2019 to 18:00 28th February, 2019 (GMT+8)

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Dear HONOR fans,

We need your help! Help us improve our website by taking a quick survey to give us feedback. If any of your suggestions are adopted , you’ll have a chance to win an HONOR Play! It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to provide your valuable feedback.

1. Are you an HONOR user?

2. How did you first learn about our website (

3. How often do you visit our website?

4. What information do you expect to find before coming to our website? (Multiple choices)

5. Overall, how do you feel about our website?

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Page UI & Design

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to your family or friends?

7. Which of the following website page styles do you prefer?

8. Which section of website is the most important to you?

9. Which section of website is the least important to you?

10. What content you think we should add to our website? (Text, JPG, PNG files up to 20MB)


11. How can we improve our website? (Text, JPG, PNG files up to 20MB)


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Terms and conditions

The HONOR Website Survey activity (hereinafter referred to as the "Activity") is organized by Huawei Device Co., Ltd (the “Organizer”). Activity participants (the "Participants") take part in the Activity by submitting the survey. All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Activity Date

18:00 10th January, 2019 to 18:00 28th February, 2019 (GMT+8)

Activity Rules

How to join:
(1) Register on the website.
(2) Finish Survey Questions and submit suggestions through text, JPG, PNG, file format with the capacity up to 20MB.

The Prizes

(1) Based on the submitted opinions, the participants whose opinions are adopted will stand the chance to win an HONOR Play (4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, random color).
(2) One winner will be announced on the page ( on 28th February, 2019, and will be notified by website inbox on

Prize Distribution

Prizes cannot be transferred to another person or redeemed for cash or other objects. Awards will be shipped within thirty working days. The Organizer will assume all tariffs and express fees. If an award is not distributed to a winner due to the winner's fault, the winner shall be deemed as having waived the right to claim the award, such as the wrong shipping address, wrong phone number, etc.

Each participant is only eligible to be chosen once as a winner. The Organizer will monitor and review the submission. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude a participant who violates the conditions of participation or tampers with the contest. If a participant is excluded, prizes may be reclaimed by a new winner. The Organizer reserves the right to replace the prizes with products that are similar in monetary value in the case where accidents happen due to unforeseen circumstances. The Organizer reserves the right to the final interpretation of the prize.

After receiving the prizes, winners should confirm the prizes on the spot. If an abnormality is found, please contact the sender directly. If the prize is found to be damaged after signing, the Organizer will not be liable.

Privacy and Personal Information

The Organizer collects personal data including nicknames, UID. We need winners to provide full name, phone number, delivery address and post code, in order to ship the prize. Given that the Activity faces global users, cross-border personal data transfer will be involved (for example, data transfer among multiple countries or out of the EU) and will be stored in Singapore. The Organizer undertakes to keep the data secure and delete it within half a year. The information collected for the Activity shall not be sold, shared, or disclosed to any third party, other than to third parties engaged by the Organizer to fulfill the above purposes. Such data shall be used exclusively for award distribution. The information provided will not be used for any purpose other than the stated purpose.
Thanks for you time and opinion!