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Remote Diagnosis Operation Guide
Dear Sir/Madam
    In order to ensure your rights,we kindly recommend you to read the guide carefully so that we can provide you the remote fault diagnosis service efficiently and timely.
Remote Diagnosis Conditions:
  • 1. The remote diagnosis supports HONOR new launched Mobile phone/Tablet products since 2021, and the early launched products are not supported currently.
  • 2. Your faulty device is requested can be turned on normally and connected to the mobile network or WIFI.
  • 3. It supports mobile terminal diagnosis only currently (PCs are not supported).
Detail Operation:
  • 1. Enter Honor official service websites in your fault device browser go to the official Support-Maintenance Service-Remote Diagnosis interface.
  • 2. Select Support to drop down to the maintenance service location and click the Remote DiagnosisRemote Diagnosis icon.
  • 3. Dial the customer service hotline and ask the hotline service agent to provide the verification code to initiate remote diagnosis.
  • 4. Enter the verification code in Remote Diagnosis-Diagnosis Analysis interface.
  • 5. The system will pop up the remote diagnosis protocol and after you have read and click Confirmed, it will turn on the remote fault diagnosis. After the detection completed, you can decide to click the Fix or Exit button to end.
  • If the fault is still not resolved after Remote Diagnosis, we recommend you take the faulty device and relevant purchase proof to the nearest service center for further maintenance and inspection.
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