Categories And Themes


Remember to care for the Earth, little by little.

Short Videos

Present the beauty of the world in the form of video shorts.

Photo Series

Use a set of 3-9 photos to present a richer story.


Capture still moments of everyday life with your camera lens.


Use your imagination and carefully compose different scenes to nurture and explore the endless possibilities of photography.

Dark Night

Discover the different face of the world through night photography.


Explore the beauty and magnificence of nature.


Explore all walks of life, between high-rise buildings and humble dwellings.


Preserve your most cherished smiles.


Capturing nature's most dynamic and vibrant sights.

Prizes And Awards
Photographer of the Year Award $10,000 (3 Winners)

$1,500 (2 Winners / Theme)
Photographer of the Year
$10,000 (3 Winners)
Magic4 Pro
(2 Winners / Theme)
*The aforementioned prizes are pre-tax amounts. The colors of physical prizes are chosen at random.
Our Judges
Fu Yongjun
Documentary Photographer, Exhibition Curator
Xiao Ge
Wildlife Photographer
Eugenio Recuenco
Art Photographer
Sergio Tapiro
Landscape Photographer
Bieke Depoorter
Magnum Photographer
H. Loren Nielsen
Member of the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Professional Association
Wang Jun
Chief Technical Expert of HONOR Imaging
About Judges
Contest Timeline
Artwork Submission 25th Apr, 2022 - 25th Aug, 2022
Artwork Review Sept, 2022
Winner Announcement Sept, 2022
Entry Requirements

Rules for Short Film Entries
All entries should be taken by HONOR phones
( no limit on models), with a maximum size of 500MB for each film, MP4 format only.

Rules for Photography Entries
All entries should be taken by HONOR phones, with no limit on phone brands and models for the Green photos, others have to be shot by HONOR phones ( no limit on models). Each photo should be submitted with a minimum size of 1,000 pixels on the short side, a total size within 30MB, JPG format only.


Capture the extraordinary and precious moments of your life in still images! "HONOR Mobile Photography Competition" (or "the competition" for short) is an annual global mobile photography event organized by HONOR Device Co., Ltd. (or "the organizer" for short) in 2022. The competition is based on fairness, impartiality and openness to discover a new generation of creative talents and select high-quality mobile photography works.

Q1: Who can enter the competition?

(1) You need to be at least 18 years of age or reach the legal age of your country/region to participate.

(2) Your submitted work must be original and has not been promoted in any print media (including magazines, newspapers, etc.), and you cannot use your works that have won any prizes or are currently participating in other competitions.

Q2: How to enter the competition?

You can submit your works through the official competition website (, or through other official partner channels such as HONOR CLUB, HONOR CLUB (GLOBAL), etc.

Q3: How is the competition scheduled?

(1) Submission: 25 April 2022 - 25 August 2022, 24:00

(2) Judging Period: September 2022

(3) Selection Announcement: September 2022

Q4: What should I take note of when submitting any works?

Please strictly follow the requirements of the Participation Agreement, and do not upload works that contain pornographic, violent, terrorist and other illegal information. Please take care to avoid racism, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age and any kind of discrimination when creating your works, and do not include content or conduct that is sexual, illegal, or may give rise to civil or criminal liability under applicable law. If your work violates public order, good customs, or has any factors that do not meet the requirements of the Participation Agreement, it will be deemed as a failure to meet the entry criteria and shall not enter the competition.

Q5: Can I only submit works taken with HONOR mobile phones?

Entries submitted to the competition must be shot with mobile phones. There are no restrictions on mobile phone brands and models for entries in the “Environmental Protection” category. Entries in other categories can only be shot on HONOR mobile phones (no restriction on model). Please note the actual device model used for shooting when submitting your works.

Q6: Are there any format restrictions for the submitted works?

Please ensure that your submitted work is in JPG format, with the short side of the photo no less than 1,000 pixels, the file size of a single photo must not exceed 30M, and the image contains full EXIF information. For post-processing of images, please do so within your HONOR phone (third-party software allowed).
Please ensure that your video entry is in MP4 format only, and the size of a single video should not exceed 500MB. It can be edited in computer or mobile phone software, but the footage must be captured using an HONOR mobile phone.

Q7: Can I submit my entry to more than one category?

Each work can only be submitted in one category.

Q8: What should I do if the uploading of my submission fails?

If you encounter any issues while uploading, please send an email to the organizer:

Q9: Besides submitting the works, what other information do I need to provide?

We will collect and process your personal information following the privacy statement of this competition within the scope of the above purposes and the scope permitted by applicable laws for participant identification, entry verification and other services. You only need to provide the relevant information of the registered account in the submission stage. After winning an award, please provide further accurate and valid personal information to verify your identity, including your name, contact number, email address and mailing address. After the competition, the organizer will verify the registration information of the winners. If the prizes cannot be distributed due to incomplete or incorrect personal information, the winners will be deemed to have forfeited their rights as a winner, and the organizers will not reissue the prizes to them.

Q10: How does the appraisal mechanism work?

The competition staff will review all entries, and only those who pass the review can enter the selection stage. After the participation deadline, the competition's organizing committee will select shortlisted works for the final selection according to the selection requirements of the entries.

Q11: Can I use my entry to enter other competitions?

Please do not submit your entries to other competitions. Do not submit works that have been transferred or authorized to a third party to the competition. During the competition, please do not transfer or authorize the rights to the submitted works to any third party or use them to participate in other competitions. In the event of the above situation, the organizer reserves the right to cancel your right to participation. After winning a prize, if you fail to perform the relevant copyright transfer or authorization to the organizer and partners as agreed, you will be deemed to have voluntarily given up the prizes won in this competition and the organizer can retain the right to feature all the participating entries and participants' introductions in online and offline promotional materials.

Q12: Can the organizers use my participating works?

Yes. All participants should allow the organizer and its affiliates to use their works for worldwide advertising, product promotion, and brand marketing within 2 years from the date of submission, including but not limited to using online media, print media, printed materials, photography exhibitions, retail stores, roadshows, digital content, outdoor media and any other marketing activities worldwide.

Q13: Does a winner get any bonus or prize?

Yes. This competition has three tiers of awards and corresponding non-cash and cash prizes (before tax).

1. HONOR Photographer of the Year Award (3 winners)
- Bonus for creation $10,000 (before tax)
2. Excellence Award (2 winners for each category, 20 winners in total)
- Bonus for creation $1,500 (before tax)
3. Recommendation Award (2 winners for each category, 20 winners in total)
- An HONOR Magic4 Pro
*The above creation awards amounts are pre-tax, and all physical prizes will come in random configurations and colors.